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Zuma yields to the pressure of his party and leaves the presidency of South Africa

The President of the African National Congress, Cyril Rampahosa, will take over

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Zuma yields to the pressure of his party and leaves the presidency of South Africa

The President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, has finally given in to pressures and this Wednesday has announced his resignation with immediate character. Zuma has addressed South Africans in a long-awaited speech broadcast live on television, in which he said that, despite not agreeing with decision of his party, African National Congress (ANC), which on Tuesday invited him to leave armchair President, has chosen to abide by order. The ANC president, Cyril Rampahosa, will relieve you.

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  • The African National Congress rejects six-month deadline proposed by Zuma to leave power
  • The African National Congress asks Zuma to leave presidency

"I have come to decision to resign as President of Republic with immediate effects," he said, in a speech shortly before midnight, end of time given by ANC under threat of forcing his departure on Thursday by a motion of censure on P Arlamento.

The speech this evening addressed to nation was its first reaction since, on Tuesday, Dome of historic African National Congress — hegemonic party in power in South Africa — cornereded him. And although in his farewell speech, Zuma has begun manifesting an attitude of resistance, stressing that "he was not afraid of any motion of censure" and that he had not been given reasons why he should abandon, controversial president, in power since 2009 , ended up announcing resignation. Hours earlier, in morning, a defensive Zuma had declared in a television interview "Disagree" with decision of his party, and pointed out that he "has done nothing wrong" and would only go "if Parliament demands it."

To remain defiant would have led to a total confrontation on Thursday, a date scheduled for submission of a motion of censure against Parliament. A process not unfamiliar to president, who has gone through eight motions in nine years that he has been in presidency, with one difference: this time he had a good part of his comrades — that is what CNA's members call each or — against him.

With a style and a tint that reminds at times of fall in 2017 of former president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe — president fighting against his own — although without participation in this case of military, South Africa has lived this Wednesday last Delivered by chapters of a painful transition, which has deeply wounded historic African National Congress that led Nelson Mandela, ANC that was forged as a liberation movement against racist aparid regime and took reins of power with The massive support of citizens since, in 1994, institutional barriers of race broke and democracy came to country.


In parallel to political punishment, nearby circle of Jacob Zuma has also received a police coup. The Hawks — South African Police elite unit — have held a raid on Wednesday in luxurious home of controversial and powerful Gupta family in North Johannesburg, arresting three people and confiscating documentation and material, as Police confirmed. A family lawyer has pointed out that none of Gupta brors had been detained, reports Reuters.

The authorities carry out an investigation into a case of diversion of public money and traffic of influences in which both members of Gupta family and South African president are allegedly implicated, who have come to add more than 800 causes Judicial throughout his career.


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