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Weinstein case: The excluded producer of the Academy of Oscars

Since the publication of an article from the new York Times on October 5, then the new Yorker, the accusations of harassment, sexual assault but also rapes against the famous Hollywood producer are multiplying.

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Weinstein case: The excluded producer of the Academy of Oscars
Producer Harvey Weinstein, accused of rape and sexual harassment by many women, was excluded from Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which organizes annually Oscars, announced Saturday, October 14th, in a press release.

The academy, convened in an emergency, "voted (this decision) well beyond required two-thirds majority," she announced. "Not only do we distance ourselves from someone who does not deserve respect of his colleagues, but we send a message to say that time of deliberate ignorance and shameful complicity in sexual assault behaviour "and harassment in workplace in our industry is over," continues communiqué. The academy ensures that it will "work to establish a code of conduct and ethical standards that all members will have to respect".

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Many accusations of rape and sexual assault

Since publication of an article from new York Times on October 5, n new Yorker, accusations of harassment, sexual assault but also rapes against famous Hollywood producer are multiplying, some dating back more than twenty years.

Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mira Sorvino, Lea Sandra, Judith Godrèche, Ashley Judd, Rosanna Arquette, among many ors, broke omerta of a behavior that lasted for several decades and which seemed to be known to almost all in Hollywood, Without anyone acting to stop actions of one Meryl Streep once called "God."

According to New York Times, this symbolic decision is unprecedented, as or personalities accused of rape, such as actor Bill Cosby and director Roman Polanski, had never been excluded. According to Variety and Hollywood Reporter, only one member was expelled in 90 years of existence from venerable institution: Carmine Campos, an actor who had circulated confidential copies of films found on internet.

Chronology of Weinstein case October 5: New York Times publishes an investigation that producer has concluded eight amicable settlements of sums of between $80 000 and $150 000 with women accusing him of sexual harassment and Unwanted physical contact. Initially, Harvey Weinstein apologized for his behaviour and announced that he was on leave from his production companies Miramax and Weinstein Company. A lawyer from Mr. Weinstein announces that he is preparing to complain against daily newspaper. October 6: The Board of Directors of Weinstein Company, production house co-founded by Harvey Weinstein, announces that it has taken an "indefinite leave" of company. Several elected officials of Democratic Party announce that y will be giving back contributions received from Harvey Weinstein to charities. October 7: Lisa Bloom, counsel for civil rights advocacy officer, Harvey Weinstein, known for defending women harassed by host Bill O'Reilly of Fox News, renounces his defence. October 8: Harvey Weinstein is dismissed by Board of Directors of production house that he co-founded, according to a statement from Weinstein Company.

Sharon Waxman, creator of site specializing in show-business Wrap, assured that she had collected, as early as 2004 and while she was a reporter at New York Times, testimony of a woman who had entered into a confidential agreement with Harvey Weinstein after been sexually assaulted. She stated that she had been under pressure and suggested that editorial direction of newspaper would have yielded to Harvey Weinstein.

October 9: The Hollywood Reporter magazine publishes an email that Harvey Weinstein sent to several Hollywood studio executives, in which he asks m for support.

October 10: The New Yorker publishes result of his long-running investigation into accusations against Harvey Weinstein: Three women now accuse him of rape. The University of Sourn California announces that it refuses a $5 million donation from Harvey Weinstein. The Wall Street Journal reports that Weinstein Company will change its name.


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