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Brexit, or the enthusiasm of the spouse abandoned

The EU relishes the idea of getting free for ever from was never entirely loyal to the project that was shared with London

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Brexit, or the enthusiasm of the spouse abandoned

Tomorrow starts a new round of negotiations — fourth— between Uk and European Commission to agree terms of a Brexit. The previous three have not served more than to set positions and, in consequence, to see that agreement is extremely difficult. The spouse abandoned (EU) requires or to pay for broken dishes and that he wants to leave (London) begins to understand with horror that breaking a cohabitation 44-year-old is much more expensive and complicated than expected. The strange thing about this couple now bad avenue is that left lives in unexpected euphoria of getting free for ever from was never entirely loyal to project of life that y had in common.

The spirits pro-european swell of new projects, as demonstrated last week president of European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, in which british have always been a brake, as single currency, space of free movement or immigration. Even in European Parliament are already speculating about how to spread 73 seats which now occupy ir meps, among m eurosceptics that have so poisoned its citizens with scathing critiques of Brussels-based in most cases on false data. Some countries, like Spain, may benefit from that deal.

this Is first time that one of members of EU abandons project. Make a virtue of necessity is today guideline of eu, who have made pineapple against deserter. With agreement or without it —except extension—, United Kingdom will be 19th of march 2019. There is even talk n of a new spring for europe. But do not be so enthusiastic about an illusion, a dream from which you wake up abruptly?

United Kingdom is one of States richer members of EU. Contributes to coffers community with 10,000 million euros net a year. The next budgets multi-year (from 2021) will have, in consequence, to be more modest; around 17% less. There will be less money to distribute. But, as y are now starting to see negotiators ' british, ir country gets some benefits more difficult to estimate by fact of being in club. Hence ir resistance to leave single market.

The example more clear that new Europe can benefit even economically Brexit is in military field. If eu member states fail to implement Europe of Defence, which has both braking London, save 26.000 million. Is cost of current lack of coordination for which re is in EU, for example, many planes and tanks different.

in Face of such prospects, it is logical that now spouse abandoned is available now to listen with suspicion at Theresa May, who wants to propose in Florence a “privileged relationship” of his country with EU.

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