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Let's put a central exam in kindergarten!

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Let's put a central exam in kindergarten!

Education does not joke, we agree... It should not leave open door on subject... The population rate registered to an educational institution in age of 3-4 is 12 percent in Turkey, 73 percent in Russia, 74 percent in OECD countries, and 81 per cent in EU. We start beating game... I have a humble suggestion... There is one thing that has overlooked this much change! We changed curriculum, we removed TEOG and Ygs-LYS... But... We skipped kindergarten in this ruckus! If we put a central examination on m... The full-day examination of babies we receive in kindergarten, of course, prisoner... Parents test ir children in morning when y go to work...

Between noon, mors change ir bottom... If y take ir children out of exam in evening...

How is that not good? I think it's perfect! We have already prepared bears for Yks...

Thus, we send more conscious students to Yeyeta Bey... * * *

Turkey's average schooling period is 6.5 years...

There are 45 provinces that fall below average! The highest level of schooling is province of Ankara... Even in Ankara this period is 7.6 years.

So Turkish middle school is finally abandoned! Sirnak 3.9 Years at bottom of list with... Sirnak, left elementary school!

Istanbul in 14th place... Istanbul, Yks is exceeding 200 points, this score uses two years! Şırnak, 180 points and cannot participate in afternoon exams! Maybe you can't even get 150 points... * * * ' according to World Library map, as of 2016 EU countries have about 6,000 300 people, and 70 thousand people in Turkey are dropping a public library. Seeing this, Yök identified Turkish as one of two fundamental tests in ' basic proficiency test... Thus, number of reads and libraries has been taken an important step towards increasing turkey! OECD Education Director Andreas Schleicher stated that billions of dollars invested in schools created ' false hopes ' for technology, success rate as computer use increases in schools. Apparently, tablets that have been distributed in schools are gone!

We have close to 20 million young population... We are not underground rich, our greatest wealth is our young population... rich in ' young ', but poor in terms of ' education '! University education, which is a source of hope for many teenagers, is not actually guaranteed anything! Almost one-sixth of system that graduates 500 hundred thousand each year is unemployed.

Frequently-changing examination systems, neir quality increases nor unemployed! The result-oriented changes are ignoring process. Whereas ' conclusion ' is short-term, ' process ' is guarantee of long-lasting happiness...

Turkey, which is unable to enter top 50 in Pisa, ranks 14th among 178 countries in individual armament. He left training, gave up teaching, passed through exams, became a society that played with weapons!


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