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Jazz: Sarah McCoy and Charlelie Couture in the bayous of Lorraine

The Nancy Jazz Pulsations offers a dazzling track tour of all trends, stars and emerging talents. Until October 21st.

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Jazz: Sarah McCoy and Charlelie Couture in the bayous of Lorraine
Cap on 45th edition (2018). The NJP (Nancy Jazz pulsations) remains a monument of debility, winged programming, concentrated in false zig-zags of styles and inspiration. This explosive mixture of genres, tendencies and presences is due, under chairmanship of last survivor of four founders, Claude – Jean "Tito" Antoine, to a type: most inventive, most brilliant and most good-natured of programmers: Patrick Kader .

These two will end up, like everyone else, by passing hand. This is not a season, so much better. We have to say, like good people, that no one is irreplaceable, or like fearful, that besides cemeteries are full of irreplaceable people, blah-blah-blah, we know without risk of error that Tito and Patou (already, se chaffres inénarrables of neighborhood and of secular school courses, are and will be irreplaceable.

Ors will produce anor version of NJP, but y won't be in spirit. Spirit that goes back to years 1968, to Leftism version allègre, to passion to invent and to doubt joyfully of its invention, to free all terrain and to rage to discuss. Spirit that lasts, but which cannot be said to reign.

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When some princes of first edition, Sun RA and Chris McGregor – no more or less than Duke Ellington or Gil Evans – left too far away from us (one on Sirius, or in Paradise of Angels) – ir orchestras did not survive. What for? Because y were chefs? Not in least. Because y were contagious souls.

The NJP is subject to this fate. For 44 years, fortnight has been a prodigy of balanced imbalances, a dazzling track of all tendencies, of all stars, of all emerging talents, in Nancy, in region, a can everywhere, with a willingness to meet all audiences. Difference with 1973 edition? It was aimed at a certain youth that or determinations were growing (political, intellectual, vital, stupid). Like everywhere, 2017 edition differentiates its audiences by age or lifestyle and behaviour (what Bourdieu called habitus). But finally, who would be surprised that NJP did not, in more than forty years changed?

Two wizards without Wand

The most surprising thing is that this evolution has occurred under leadership of two wizards without a wand, surrounded by incredible teams. So, like or years, let's take a random evening on Saturday, October 14th: Watchdog, duo promising no doubt, but less innovative than he imagined (38 years after John Surman, all same), Youn Sun Nah, delightful singer of varieties, who comes back room Patil for third time. The Patil room is most delicate temple of festival. In 1973, Terry Riley – a pianist who was classified as "repetitive" – was performing re, and this, well soaked in will of founders to mock edicts, was lived as a true provocation.

At or Club channel, no Drum No Moog ("Synth-rock" demo for Moog Historical synsizers) and Guillaume Perret, freak solo under label "Free"; In big Room, electro program, dancefloor, Cosmic travels, and progressive minimal music. We must forget some Magic mirrors (where Cunninlynguists group is on very picturesque name) and or underground clubs. Not to mention that with age we can not be everywhere.

Mythical energies

Back to capital as we go back to sources. Sarah McCoy does not skimp on piercings, nor on tattoos, nor on generosity of body, much less on wildness. She resides in New Orleans, as if to get out I do not know what mythical energies. And, except to have lost his dog day before, we will not complain. It moves without slightest subtlety, it goes to bottom of things, as if it were trying to unearth moment before flints of Blues.

He succeeds him in flesh (he has body) and in spirit, CharlElie Couture for his album Lafayette (The World of October 10). Here, under very mythical marquee of NJP, he has held all roles: Spectator, photographer, actor, artist "Multist", multitrack, visual artist, Moselle singer, Franco-American, his mor taught in Alabama and Wisconsin. She left last year. It's time. We're going to take a walk through bayous of Louisae and Lafayette. Warm voice, stamp accuracy. In a musical world where mock and fuss reign, not very far from capital, presence of both solid and supple CharlElie Couture puts things in place. Lafayette, his 20th studio album, is one of smartest acts on what is very much in mind se days: France/USA reports.

"If Freedom is queen, I want to be his king."

He, he does not hunt domination, colonization, he seeks link "between fantasy of United States that one can have from France and vice versa." La Fayette, free man of three revolutions ( American, 1789 in France and 1830) inspires this verse to CharlElie: "If Freedom is queen, I want to be his king." Is it known that Marquis is buried in square of aristocrats, at very secret cemetery of Picpus (Paris 12th)? The starry banner floats on his grave, and homage is made to him every 4th of July. The most amazing? From 1939 to 1945, starry banner floated on tomb of La Fayette, in a nazifié Paris.

Concert Tonic, loyal, no smudge. To mess with guitar dobro (resonator guitar) at La Fayette (in black Gibson) followed by a piano-supported recitative for umpteenth reminder, after pic on as a plane without wings, not a moment of respite. Luxury training: Karim Bhavika (guitar), Pierre Sanga (violin, banjo), Jacques talkative (bass), Martin Mayer (drums). Return to homeland after detour by one of countries of election (Louisiana). Blues, Cajun, Rock, pure class.

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What about Jazz? Here we ask question since 1973. Tito and Patou have no moods. He's everywhere and nowhere. There are a lot of m in Nancy, and quite a few of her transmutations. The Mystery of jazz is no less than that of God. The NJP is a matter of programmed science of evolution. Are re still musicians who were present in 1973? Only one, Del Rabenja (Valiha), with Palm Unit (October 18). In 1973, Del Rabenja was part of Jef Gilson Big Band who opened first edition of NJP. Who, to remember? Internet? No: Patou, ' said Patrick Kader. The "Homage to Jef Gilson" that Palm Unit promises is more than beneficial.

NJP (Nancy Jazz pulsations, until 21 October). October 17-Biréli Lagrène "Gipsy Project", Django Memories (Stochelo Rosenberg), Mitch Tornado and guests, Paul Lay Trio, Craig taborn 4tet.


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