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Watch out for tooth aches starting at night!

The dentist has warned about the toothache of the Victory sweater, starting at night. Medicadent Dental Health Clinics founder and head of the Association of Global Dental physicians...

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Watch out for tooth aches starting at night!
Watch out for tooth aches starting at night! UAV Health News Introduction Date: 17.10.2017 11:33 date of renovation: 17.10.2017 11:39 Dentist Zafer Kazak warns of tooth aches starting at night.

The founder of Medicadent Dental health clinics and head of Association of Global Dentists, dentist Zafer Kazak, "When tooth decay progresses, nerve-vascular package within tooth can be affected and pain may occur over time. In some cases, teeth can lose ir vitality due to gum disease or due to trauma. In such cases teeth may need to be treated in order to be used in mouth without focus of infection, "he said.

Tooth, tooth or bone, which is cause of pain felt tooth, dentist Zafer Kazakh, "first reason for pain should be determined. Pain, decay, pressure of food trapped between two teeth, gum diseases, fractures formed from tooth, root surface revealed by withdrawal of gums, abrasions occurring in enamel, and even sinusitis can be caused by many reasons. However, most common cause of toothache is deep tooth decay that develops in presence of insufficient oral hygiene. The outer layer of tooth has no nerve. Therefore, we do not disturb external stimuli but sensation increases as it progresses towards inner tissues. Many microorganisms that cause decay can reach nerves in tooth, along with progression of decay. Initially mild pains are gradually exacerbated as bruise progresses. Pain can occur in different ways. Severe and prolonged pain, which develops against cold and hot stimuli, can be seen as a pain in process of chewing, or spontaneous pain that lasts for a long time, "he said.

"If untreated, tooth may need to be withdrawn"

The cause of severe tooth pain starting at night indicates that a highly decomposed tooth is beginning to inflammation, "this inflammatory condition is caused by pressure on nerve-vascular package in tooth and especially intensity that will awaken from sleep at night It causes pain in throbbing style. Tooth aches should not be expected spontaneously. Cloves, garlic, alcohol, aspirin, etc., which are applied among public, do not work, and are not recommended because it damages tissues around teeth. If pain is a source of tooth decay and has reached nerve of tooth by advancing rotten or if tooth nerve has lost its vitality for or reasons (trauma, tooth fracture, etc.), se teeth can be treated with ' canal rapy '. If no treatment is applied, infection may cause swelling, and abscess may occur. As a result, tooth may need to be withdrawn without treatment, "he said.


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