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Emmy awards: First assault digital to the throne of HBO

For the first time, the online services that have transformed the television was planted in the Emmy with the ability to win the big awards of the industry.

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Emmy awards: First assault digital to the throne of HBO

There is an empty throne in television industry, and this Sunday you will see who sits on it. After becoming last year in series most award-winning story, Game of thrones, great drama of HBO, will not be at Emmy awards this Sunday have been released out of time. Instead, HBO presents Westworld, one of favorite drama of year, with 22 nominations. But a look at nominated main of se Emmy number 69 indicate that online platforms are no longer a curiosity. This is first time you threaten truth with sit on top of television industry, as did chain of payment in his day.

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In 1999, critics were surprised that Academy nominate best drama of year to The Soprano, a new series, a little bit complicated, that I could barely see anyone because it was a cable channel, HBO. The Soprano won Golden Globe that year, but lost at Emmy's. Returned to lose in next four, against The west wing of White House. Until in 2004, in its fifth season, became first winner of Emmy in story that only you could see it on a pay channel. HBO began its golden age as standard of quality fiction. The television industry had changed forever. Since 2006, winners have been The Sopranos (HBO), Mad Men (AMC), Homeland (Showtime), Breaking Bad (AMC) and Game of Thrones (HBO). More than a decade ago that doesn't win Emmy for best tv drama series of a chain of traditional television.

Something similar began to happen in 2013. Suddenly, House of Cards, a series that only looked by Internet, cole was among nominees for best drama. A monster called Netflix was desperezando. This Sunday, re are already four dramas nominated online platforms: The Crown, Stranger Things, and House of Cards (Netflix) and The Handmaid's Tale (Hulu) and two comedies (Master of None and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Netflix also). To continue with parallels, one of m, The Crown was last January for first series online award-winning Golden Globe for best drama.

This year, only nominee of a traditional chain is This is Us (NBC). The series is a phenomenon in united States, although it is also only major that is not nominated in direction or script, which invites us to think that is weakest. In absence of Game of thrones, Netflix and Hulu have at hand first prize to best dramatic series of year for an online platform in history of television. Westworld, This is Us and Better Call Saul (AMC) are last line of defense.

In comedy, Master of None, innovative fiction of Aziz Ansari, lost in past year against Veep. But while Veep gives a certain feeling of stagnation, Master of None has grown a lot in his second season. Also in comedy, sorpasso of online platforms to cable channels is on table. However, inertia of Emmy, especially in case of Veep, series that takes two victories after that Modern Family win five years in a row, advises caution with predictions. In addition to Aziz Ansari, Atlanta (FX), Modern Family (ABC) and Silicon Valley (HBO) y aspire to take on vice-president Selina Meyers, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus of chair.

Only nominations (two series competing for best comedy and three for best drama) are already a major blow to authority of Netflix, just five years after launching its first own production (Lilyhammer). Has almost double that of last year, from 54 to 92 (HBO, even without dragons of West, has 111). This Sunday you can make history by winning one of big prizes, or not. But in any case, spending 6,000 million dollars (approximately 5,000 million euros) a year on content and with promise of increasing those numbers in 2018, Emmy this year are already first assault seriously to throne of HBO and first reflection on golden statuettes of profound changes affecting industry.

A year of record-breaking and news Julia Louis-Dreyfus, star of 'Veep'.

no less than five of seven nominees for best drama series at Emmy awards this Sunday are new series. The only repeat are House of cards and Better call Saul. Among actors, re are many favorites nominated for first time in his career: Riz Ahmed (The night of and Girls), Carrie Coon (Fargo), and, surprisingly, Robert de Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer (The wizard of lies). These people didn't do television.

it can Also be a record year curious. If he were to win Modern family as best comedy, it would be comedy with most awards in history, surpassing Frasier. If you re winning Julia Louis-Dreyfuss as best actress in a comedy for Veep, would be actress with most Emmy history (six) for playing same character, beating Candice Bergen. Millie Bobby Brown, girl of Stranger Things, you can become 13 years old in younger actress to win a prize. Saturday Night Live, for his part, has already broken record for nominations for a television program, 231 in total, after 42 years on air.


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