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Apple, the latest technology giant that wants to enter in Hollywood

The company is negotiating to buy the complex of studios Culver and has entered into the bid for the purchase of the rights to screen James Bond

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Apple, the latest technology giant that wants to enter in Hollywood
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y Are called studios Culver. The side of Sony and with 13 hangars of filming, in addition to many offices, few resorts are as Hollywood as this venue located in Culver City. To welcome study gives a colonial-style building whose columns were used in wind. Now Apple wants to acquire it, to have a center of operations in film industry, and could boot in a big way, from hand of James Bond.

it is No surprise that Amazon is also probing purchase of studios Culver. Silicon Valley has moved to Los Angeles. Netflix has it installed from months ago its headquarters in an office building of 14 floors in heart of Hollywood. Its visionary leader, Ted Sarandos, now lives in who for years was mansion of Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith. And are looking not only for where to put foot but want best shoe. For that, few sagas better than that of James Bond. Because rights of future adventures of spy in service of his Majesty are for sale. And negotiations from two years ago kept MGM and Eon Product, masters of universe Bond, with big life in Hollywood, majors like Warner Bros., Sony, Universal and Fox, have added now Apple and Amazon. A way to enliven and revive competition in a centuries-old industry.

Sarandos always says same thing: that relationship of Netflix with Hollywood is of love and hate. “Frenemies” is term in English, fusion of friend and enemy. In case of Bond re is no friendship whatsoever. Only competition. Both Apple and Amazon are looking for in this franchise that Disney studios found in Pixar, Lucas or Marvel. The goose that lays golden eggs. And have ir pockets well filled. According to The Hollywood Reporter value of franchise may be between 1.600 and 4.100 million euros. Zack Van Amburg and Jamie Erlicht, new execs that Apple has been sought in Hollywood with extensive experience in studios of Sony, want for ir new home. The same thing happens with Amazon. The new platforms are looking for something more than a Hollywood-based. They want to own content and not only on television, also in cinema. And re are not so many franchises available that generate at box office that generates Bond. The box-office world of Spectre, ir last delivery was 733 million euros. The previous, Skyfall, 915 million euros. And that on a farm old-fashioned way: any of new rich from Silicon Valley know that label Bond re is a great potential of television and video games yet to be exploited

Netflix has preferred to bet on ir own franchise to invest in editorial Millarworld, a universe popular within world of comic with who expected to conquer box office by transferring ir characters to screen. “The most exciting of se projects is to be able to work on a large scale to a platform like Netflix,” he declared to The Country David Ayer, director of suicide Squad and now front of Bright, anor of big bets of Netflix for film, a mix between lord of The rings and drama police focused on racial tensions of a big city. A film of high budget that you have in cast with stars like Will Smith, Edgar Ramirez and Joel Edgerton.

At a conference of investors, Stacey Snider, on behalf of studies Fox, threw to earth future of tech giants in Hollywood. In his opinion, FANG, as grouped by ir acronym to Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google, go with portfolio ahead to festivals but “does not offer greater advantages” to true talent of this industry. At least in what concerns cinema. It is your opinion, but not all of us share. Many figures of Hollywood are lining up, with feet of lead, that yes, with greats of Silicon Valley. “The interesting thing about Netflix is that first screening in cinema. That's great. Although re are also movies that are more to see in family and at home,” he told this newspaper Angelina Jolie: her last work as a director, y took It. bears stamp Netflix. “The most important thing is to make movie, and Netflix makes it”, also added to this journal Bong Joon-ho, director of Okja. The entry of se giants is something that in your opinion is benefiting filmmakers like him, like Noah Baumbach, Todd Haynes, or even Martin Scorsese: “give Us freedom”. For ors re remains controversy of wher movie's a must-see in cinema or if streaming platforms are upcoming movie aters.


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