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The terrible claim about electronic cigarettes!

POF. Dr. Cevdet Erdenin is a more dangerous type of lung and other types of cancer in areas where electronic cigarettes are heavily used...

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The terrible claim about electronic cigarettes! AA Health News Introduction Date: 13.10.2017 16:22 update Date: 13.10.2017 16:24 POF. Dr. Cevdet Erdör said that in areas where electronic cigarettes are heavily used, lung and or types of cancers are more dangerous, "deeper and more difficult to treat tumor cases than we often begin to witness I would like to express, "he said.

A method of infecting people with cigarettes: electronic cigarettes

He said that electronic cigarettes are used as a method of infecting people with cigarettes.

Noting that electronic cigarettes are more dangerous than classical cigarettes because of health of pain, ersemen pointed out that a cartridge of electronic cigarettes is equivalent to about 1.5-2 packets of cigarettes.

Prof. Dr. Erdeni stated that re was a significant increase in cases of nicotine poisoning in UK where electronic cigarettes were heavily used, giving following information: "Those who use electronic cigarettes will see amount of nicotine found in or cigarettes They brea deeper to get it. In areas where electronic cigarettes are heavily used, lung cancer and or types of cancers are becoming more dangerous. I would like to express that we are often witnessing deeper and more difficult to treat tumor cases.

The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reported that electronic cigarette is not as innocent as shown, and that health warnings are insufficient. The Canadian Health agency warned that electronic cigarettes could lead to adverse effects such as causing nicotine poisoning or triggering nicotine dependence. The World Health Organization has explained that electronic cigarettes cannot be regarded as ' smoking cessation treatment '. In short, electronic cigarettes do not have a different side of normal cigarettes and are never innocent. "

"A masked lie that claims to quit smoking"

The Rector is able to refill electronic cigarette cartridges such as print cartridges, but y have serious concerns about chemicals that are loaded in cartridge in filling process, saying, "this I'm worried about being sold to people through cartridges. Recently, U.S. drug-fighting administration has made an announcement to risk of loading chemicals known as syntic drugs into electronic cigarette cartridges and has revealed how right I am in my concerns. " Spoke.

Despite marketing of electronic cigarette companies as a tool that helps to release ir products, FDA's Drug Evaluation and Research Center did not accept it, but Erbukki noted:

"Tobacco cartels conduct activities aimed at capturing new points of origin in areas of law enforcement, developing new marketing strategies, and producing new audiences. Electronic cigarettes are also a product of this strategy and are more dangerous for being used as a method of infecting people with cigarettes and being shown innocent. Cigarette cartels are more dangerous than cigarettes in terms of target. It is aimed to prevent possible decline in market share with perception of ' non-release ' that was attempted to be created, and it is being edited in future to replace cigarette. This perception is purely a masked lie. The harmful electronic cigarettes should not be understood as people continue to smoke. Especially Ministry of Health and Yesilay's admirable work. Instead of using electronic cigarettes to quit smoking, I propose more precise and healthy solutions. "

Prof. Dr. Erfertilik said that electronic cigarettes are prohibited in Turkey but as number of people who use se cigarettes is observed, "it is brought to our country illegally, on websites, social media accounts and or The sale is being made in MECRA.

"I invite our citizens to complain to tobacco tip hotline, which is reached via Sabim line of ALO 184, in case of witnessing sale of electronic cigarettes on Internet or in a business."


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