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Education-A-Sen: The new system will adversely affect high school education

The Union of Educators said the new system applied to the entrance to the university would adversely affect the students ' high school education.

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Education-A-Sen: The new system will adversely affect high school education
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The Association of Educators (Education-A-Sen), first session of Higher Education Institutions Examination (YKS), stated that questions in field of social and science have been completely abolished, "this scope of collapse, students in a more one-way Will cause m to neglect courses in field of basic social and science sciences. " Education-A-Sen in a written statement, chairman of Higher Education Council (Yök), Prof. Dr. Yetseven Saraç described by new regulation on amendments to non-simplification of a significant and comprehensive changes contained in defense. In a statement that significant interventions have been made to some areas, such changes have been given to opinion that it is likely to have great influence on both secondary and higher education systems. " The fact that new examination has been downloaded to single stage and reduced total number of questions, evaluated within framework of measurement and evaluation principles, has reduced validity of examination, " statement included in statement, that measure It was argued that it meant less precision and that too many students could stack up on same number of nette. In statement, which would negatively affect scope of candidates ' exams to be collapsed and secondary education, following statements were used: "In addition to Turkish and mamatical tests of all candidates in Ygs, social sciences and science They were expected to have basic knowledge and skills in fields of science, but in first session of new system, questions in field of social and science were completely removed. The collapse of this scope is basis for students to grow in a more one-way way, to neglect courses in field of basic social and science, in addition to preference in field of numerical and equal weight, especially in high school education. Social sciences will cause m to neglect ir lessons. In summary, students will neglect course groups y do not have to do in exam. This is a matter that will negatively affect high school education. " "Having two sessions on same day will cause exam edition to increase" In statement, two exams were performed on same day and first stage exam results were revealed, second stage examination was contrary to logic of progressive exam. The two sessions are made on same day, pointing to actual gradual removal of system, "such an intervention will result in reduction of examination pressure on students, not exact opposite, because it is different During examinations conducted in days sessions, students were attempting to close ir disadvantages in any session in or days, but new system was unable to make it possible to do so in training "evaluation. In statement, first stage examination of 200 and above score, next year to be able to use first phase tests in test synchronization and preparation of questions to be prepared according to level of proficiency emphasized.

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