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Theatre: Dominique Pinon is "the man out of it"

The comedian triumphs in the play of Valeri Novarina at the Théâtre de la Colline, in Paris, until October 19.

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Theatre: Dominique Pinon is
"Every time an actor enters, from Man appears," writes Valeri Novarina. In small hall of atre of Hill, in Paris, it is Dominique Pinon who is unballing. He is " man out of it" of Novarina, word chewer, world speaker, human dough that mingles with flesh of word and renders it as an offering.

And it's a little marvel that this show of just an hour, which makes a triumph every night at hill, and ater added dates of representation until October 19. And it is a joy to say, to complain, jubilation provoked by language of Valerius Novarina, in his way of reinventing world by naming it, when it is thus embodied.

Dominique Pinon, it's you, it's me, a little guy in air a little flurried and a little upset

Dominique Pinon, it's you, it's me, a little guy in air a little flurried and a little irritated, winter just pulled him from his "alpine stupor", and he enters empty frame of atre to fill him with a matter of body and language , a cosmogony of words that encompasses strands of grass and supermarkets, figures of chance and games of children, stones and beasts, death and astonishment to be born, to live and thus to speak – for before dying, we speak.

Speech Fair

It is a fairground show, it is fair of word as it takes place every day, except that re it is funny, like a childhood starry and multiplied, with this word of order that one really wants to adopt, by Times that run where Scriptures Sociological have won match against poetry: "People of real, stop taking you for agents of reality."

I speak, refore I am, says Dominique Pinon, gross actor, pure actor, "animal of door and offering" according to Valeri Novarina, as he has offered himself to language of author for twenty years. Seeing m again toger is a rare pleasure. Toger, y awaken "sleeping monsters", unlisted emotions, unknown feelings, gymnastics joy of language, pure joy, pure laughter that public welcomes for what it is: a gift.

The man out of it, by Valeri Novarina, Théâtre de la Colline, 15, rue Malta-Brun, Paris 20th. Until October 19th.


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