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The ‘Julio Iglesias Portuguese’, accused of being a plagiador recalcitrant

The Public Ministry luso blame Tony Carreira of winning music and lyrics of artists like Pimpinela and Hervé Vilard

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The Public Ministry luso blame Tony Carreira of winning music and lyrics of artists like Pimpinela and Hervé Vilard

Tony Carreira is to Portugal what Julio Iglesias for Spain. An idol of public romantic that fills auditoriums, both in country and Portuguese as ir second homeland, France. The idol, however, it seems that copying songs and y were put to ir name, according to a comprehensive report of Public Ministry, which has publicized official agency Lusa, and that leaves room for little doubt. The investigation was initiated by a complaint from National Company of Music, spokesman for singer describes as “opportunistic and unjustified”

Tony Carreira (Pampilhosa de Serra, 1963) falls in love with his audience with songs such as After e re is nothing, take Me to heaven, If you awake and you're not, I will die; it turns out that in such songs, and more, up to a total of 11 were plagiarism of singer in collaboration with composer Ricardo Landum, those who “appropriated authors of works of ors,” according to Public Ministry.

Carreira brings more than 30 years in music industry, has released 20 albums, has 60 platinum records and in total has sold over four million albums, mainly in Portugal and France, whose Government distinguished itself last year with Order of Knight of Letters.

The accusation-which has been used estimators of music to test copies - points out that practices of Carreira-Landum were common in area since 2012, at least. “The defendants take advantage of array of or works using same structure, harmony, rhythm and orchestration, and sometimes even own words of song foreign translated, getting a job is no more than a partial reproduction of original.”

The Public Ministry reports that Tony Carreira “knower of lack of consent to appropriation of original works, changed its participation in three songs of ‘author’ to ‘adapter’ in Portuguese Society of Authors when he was warned of his false authorship.

The prosecution has compared patterns original music, many of m French and Latin, and After you do, cuban Rudy Perez, who gave a version of José Feliciano. Perez has worked for artists such as Gloria Estefan and Julio Iglesias. In version of Carreira song is transformed in After e re is nothing.

In case of If you wake up and you're not, I'm dying is based on I'm Dying, of argentine María Graciela Galán and Joaquín Galán Cuervo, more commonly known as duo Pimpinela. Carreira is also set in france, Hervé Vilard (author of famous Capri, c'est fini), in this case for appropriating ir song The idiot, complaint identifies with song Carreira Dreams of a child.

representation of The artist, Regi-Concerto, has issued a statement where he points out that it is a “complaint opportunistic and unjustified of CNM that does not represent any author or artist involved in works in cause. No author or artist has had complaints filed. The issues of past copyright were resolved in his time with who was right.”

In 2013, Carreira came to an agreement with entities who demanded ir legitimate rights of three of his songs while for remaining eight, Carreira insists that he is author, although you must now submit claims to allocation of Public Ministry.


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