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The villagers ate the giant python who lost the struggle for life and death

Villagers ate a giant python snake, who lost the struggle for life and death in Indonesia with a village keeper. Village keeper Robert Nababan encountered a giant python in a palm oil plantation in the Batang Gmsal area of Sumatra Island.

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The villagers ate the giant python who lost the struggle for life and death

Nababan tried to catch python 7.8 yards. Then serpent attacked guard and serpent and Nababan managed to kill giant python with help of some villagers.

While Nababan was severely injured in fight, he managed to survive. But giant python wasn't as lucky as Nababan. He was hanged in village to show pit before, n he was shredded, fried and eaten.

"I tried to catch him and bit my hand, but n I managed to break it down," Nababan said in a statement to daily Detik. The 37-year-old guard didn't say exactly why he was trying to catch a giant python. But some villagers were afraid to cross road because of snakes. In a statement to AFP news agency, police said serpent spent his teeth on left arm of guard and almost copparted. Local government official Elinaryon said Nababan's arm could be cut off.

Elaryon said Pitons were frequently seen in region, and "palm oil plantations often become very mice and hunt around here," he said. He said he was not surprised to beat serpent, and "I heard that my friends are really tasty. It's a 7-foot snake. That's a lot of meat. And some people think that ir blood has rapeutic qualities, "he said.


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