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A sector of ERC asks Puigdemont to move forward

The ANC calls on Parliament to lift the suspension of the declaration to the government's refusal of any proposed dialogue

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Waiting for expiry next Monday deadline granted by government to Carles Puigdemont to clarify wher or not he declared independence on 10th day in Parlament, a sector of Republican republic is pushing for president to break deck of whole C On Mariano Rajoy. Their reading, shared by or sectors of independence, is that y have not come here to get off train at last minute and that all consequences of secession are to be assumed, waiting for mediators to appear. This Thursday, Catalan National Assembly (ANC) urged Parlament to lift suspension of Declaration against refusal of Rajoy to negotiate.

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Puigdemont has until 10:00 October 16 to respond to government if it declared independence last Tuesday; If answer is affirmative, it should explain before 10 a.m. next Thursday what measures it plans to take to "return to legality". That countdown has furr tightened already fragile seams of independence. The CUP is not only training that wants to abandon ambiguity and declare secession.

The counsellor of work, social affairs and families, Dolors Bassa, of ERC, was aligned this Thursday with this sector and affirmed in an interview in Catalunya Ràdio that it is in favor of that Puigdemont responds to first requirement of Spanish Government with speech that made The president last Tuesday in Parlament and with Declaration of Independence signed by 72 deputies after that confusing session.

That document leaves no doubt about declaration of secession, although it lacks legal value. The text was signed by pressures of deputies of CUP and some of Junts PEL Yes like those of Demòcrates, who were frustrated by intervention of president. The counsellor relies on negotiating period she wants to open Puigdemont with international mediators.

Counsellor Bassa proposes to send to Rajoy declaration of Independence signed by 72 deputies

In same line as Bassa, deputy of Congressman Gabriel Ruffian wrote this Thursday on Twitter: "All I know is that we owe those who put body and heart for this in street." "All way." It is anor message that leaves no doubt about answer to Rajoy and coincides with that of CUP.

"All I know is that we owe those who put body and heart for this in street." To end, "says Rufian

Part of sovereignty understands that participation of more than two million people in October 1 referendum and judicial causes of Government, as well as 700 mayors quoted by prosecutor, cannot now be left in anything. The chief of Mossos, Josep Lluís, and presidents of Òmnium and Catalan National Assembly (ANC), Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sánchez, will declare Monday at national audience for sedition.

The Secretary general of chosen, Marta Rovira, deputy spokesman for Junts Pel Yeah — who faked with resignation on day of plenary — showed this Thursday more moderate than Ruffian and wrote in social networks: "calm." Serenity. Unit. Patience. Independence ". Vice President Oriol Junqueras, kept quiet.

Òmnium called on Wednesday to Puigdemont a "reasonable" term to make mediation effective and, if that does not prosper, "definitively declare independence." The ANC initially opted to maintain a low profile so as not to ignite conflict and give mediators time. Last night, however, he issued a statement announcing that his secretariat understands that it makes no sense to hold declaration of independence before state's "refusal" to "any proposal for dialogue". "That's why," y say, "We urge Parliament to lift it and President and Govern to implement law of legal and founding transience of Republic."


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