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Lost in the last breath: 68-67

Turkish Airlines ' latest champion Fenerbahce Doğuş, Unicaja Malaga lost in the last seconds: 68-67 Fenerbahce Doğuş, THY Europe...

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Lost in last breath: 68-67 Date of entry: 12.10.2017 21:47 updated: 13.10.2017 00:07 Turkish Airlines Euroleague's latest champion Fenerbahce Doğuş, Unicaja Malaga away in last seconds lost: 68-67

Fenerbahce Doğuş, THY first week of European league away Spain's Unicaja Malaga team defeated 68-67.

In fight against Unicaja Malaga starting with series 6-0, Fenerbahce Doğuş was quickly cannons and 5. 8-8 per minute. Your opponent is 4 to 7. The yellow-blue team, which does not give number of minutes, 7. 13-8 a minute. The remaining part of Fenerbahçe Doğuş did not preserve superiority of score, but first quarter 20-20 draws.

In second period, starting with series 9-0 Fenerbahce Doğuş, 15. 29-20 superiority in beginning of minute. The 16th of encounter. (24-34) Yellow-blue team, which carries difference in minutes to double digits, has entered 41-36 in front of circuit.

The second half of struggle starts with mutual baskets, 25. Minutes left behind with 52-43 superiority of Fenerbahçe Doğuş. 3. The yellow-blue tailer, which protects scoring advantage 57-50 in quarter has completed ahead.

The Spanish team, starting with a 10-0 series in last period, is 33. 60-57 minutes past front. Fenerbahce Doğuş is a well-evaluated host team, 38. 8 numbers per minute caught difference: 68-60. Fenerbahce Doğuş Bitime, which corresponds to series of 7-0, 33 seconds before difference lowered to 1 number (68-67). The yellow-Blue team was unable to take advantage of last offensive with Sloukas and Unicaja Malaga, field 68-67 victorious.

Fenerbahce Doğuş record 15 points, Sloukas, match was top scorer. At Unicaja Malaga, number 12 of Shermadini played an important role in win.

The yellow-blue team will face Italy's AX Armani Exchange Milan Team on Thursday (October 19th) in second week of Turkish Airlines European league. Hall: Jose Maria Martin Carpena

Referees: Christos Christodoulou (Greece), Ilija Belosevic (Serbia), Rain Peerandi (Estonia)

Unicaja Malaga: McCallum 6, Nedovic 8, Shermadini 12, Waczynski 8, Suarez 2, Diaz, Salin 4, Milosavljevic 8, Brooks 5, Augustine 6, Musli 9

Fenerbahce Doğuş: Wanamaker 6, Nunnally 5, Datome 13, Thompson 6, Vesely 12, Sloukas 15, Melli, Ahmet Düverioğlu 2, guduric 5, Sinan Guler 3, Melih Mahmutoglu

period 1: 20-20

Circuit: 36-41

Period 3: 50-57


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