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Idlib panic in the PKK

Turkey's campaign to end the conflicts in Idlib and to ensure the security of the PKK terrorist organization panicked. The PKK is concerned that the TSK is operating on Afrin, evacuating its terrorists from the region. Some terrorists are being sent to coastal towns over the Mediterranean, and others are being transferred to the southeast via northern Iraq.

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Idlib panic in the PKK

A multi-dimensional trap is being established against Turkey, which interferes with Idlib and takes a huge blow to terror corridor. "War with TSK, we will give support to groups in US region," said Assad's muhaberat agents, and he infiltrated Idlib with task of sabotage against Mehmetçan.

To provide stability in areas of conflict, Turkish troops, which will be transferred to Idlib, are being set up by different actors, especially Assad and United States. According to new Dawn's information, initiation of Idlib preparations for women and men in Al-Muhaberat, ranging from 150 to 200, have entered Idlib in ' victim-refugee ' vision of Hama-hummus. This group is concerned about various sabotage in coming days. Despite agreement held in Astana, Assad regime continues to provoke a bomb to various points of Idlib.


USA: Roof with TSK

Meanwhile, with Turkey's intervention in Idlib, United States is called every way to undermine process. The Pentagon and CLA met with some of groups in Idlib, where TSK encouraged m to start armed resistance in event that he entered region. According to information new dawn has reached, Americans, who have interviewed some opposition groups, are pledging "we will help you through Jordan if you are fighting with Turkey".

The Deaans are re

In same scope, some of thousands of Deaş'lıdan, which were transported by regime buses from Hama-Akerbat and Kalemun regions, were shipped to Idlib. The ammunition needs of Deaans will be provided by al-Muhaberat to sabotage against TSK. Large-scale conflict between Turkey and opposition groups in Idlip is being cited as primary target of anti-Turkey bloc.

  • ' Sidem ' code-named terrorist
  • Escape Looking for holes
  • The Turkish military, stationed on border line for operation Idlib, sparked panic in PKK. The organization removed many militants from region with fear of possible siege. Some of terrorists sent from Mediterranean to coastal provinces with support of Syria's muhaberati are shipped to norrn Iraq before Aleppo-Haseke line and n to souastern region of Turkey. In last 3 days, Sirnak, especially in operations aimed at terrorist organization, terrorists who have been neutralized 8 of Afrin is noting.
  • ' Sidem ' one of m
  • The number of terrorists in last 20 days of PKK/PYD, which has increased anxiety after mass of Mehmetçi to Idlib and who knows that next target will be Afrin, has taken out region and directs it to different places. A terrorist named ' Sidem ' code, who was sent to souastern region of Turkey, was recently hit by security forces.

First attack on border

The first Turkish delegation was in contact with Idlib yesterday morning, as part of Idlib operation. With accompaniment of opposition groups in region, Turkish convoy, which took place in border positions of terrorist organization PKK/PYD, has remained in 3-car vehicle for 8 hours. Then, Turkish delegation to Dar ED-Izze, which was just south of region, was attacked by terrorists from PYD. The artillery of PYD terrorists in south of Afrin fell close to 200 meters of Turkish delegation. No casualties or injuries in attack.

Afrin tomorrow in world today Idlib


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