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What brings Yks?... What happened to the open-ended questions in the new university entrance system?

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What brings Yks?... What happened to the open-ended questions in the new university entrance system?

Mr. Yök President, change of millions eagerly awaited, explained in a sweet tone. In half of his speech, I was disconnected from event, bored...

The President and Commission did not work well, neir system nor presentation were well prepared; There's a question of where y didn't work, y got blindsided!

With open-ended or short-answer questions, press release has never been addressed to this issue.

' Do you have any open-ended questions or not? '

That's not clear!

You say work for kids, but you don't explain to me how to work!

There is an innovation called ' Basic Proficiency exam ', a revolutionary innovation...

The word "revolution" is unfair, what revolution?

The cropped version of basic YGS!

Basic Turkish and basic mamatics you say important, science and social sciences are unimportant, why did you remove se tests?

Is it simple, simplicity and simplicity of reducing number of tests?

You've put YGS in two Tests from four, and you're describing it as a revolution!

Don't make me laugh...

This is a preparation, question amount of exam is certain, duration is unclear!

' Basic proficiency exam 80 question, duration will also be 80 or 90 minutes ' say...

' The exams in second session will be 60 or 70 minutes, ' you left end open. Is that so hard to determine?

Shouldn't everything be clear from beginning?

You explain a system that concerns 2 million 300 thousand candidates, information is incomplete; That's not going to happen!

Measurement-evaluation is a serious event; Everything must be clear from beginning.

' On Saturday, first session will be awarded exam, which receives 150 points, and 180 points will receive right to participate in second sessions...

So, how do you know if candidate scored 150 or 180?

You're going to know?

The president says, "will be left to candidate's infisative!"

I have not seen such an explanation for all se years, what do you mean, ' candidate will be left to initiative ', is re such a concept in measuring-evaluation?

I didn't read like this in college!

Even if I exceed 180 dam, my mind is always in first session during afternoon sessions, ' I wonder if I have crossed dam '...

The name of LYS was transformed into Yks (higher education institutions exam); But content is same.

The only difference is reducing number of questions.

There are still four tests for fields, re is no change in this, but number of questions in tests is 40.

The real problem begins here. If you reduce amount of questions in such a test that large masses enter, you do not actually favor candidates, but evil.

You think, 2.5 million people are going to take exam, you're going to put two Tests in front of m, and you'll make a choice with that!

When you say we've mistaken system, you're starting to muscle!

Millions of candidates will make short passes in narrow area!

In a quiz with so few questions, you must not miss a question; Such an application will take lives of candidates!

The type of 18 points, reduced to 4 points, is expressed as a success.

Interesting and funny!

These types of points have not been replicated to ground, because of a need; The programs are so detailed that candidates should be placed in accordance with ir needs.

Now it's going to be a big nuisance and chaos. 3-5 years later, re will be complaints from universities to candidates, ' candidates will not comply with se programmes ' complaints!

You will also place students in engineering programs with same score type, one point type, and so on in medicine and dentistry programs.

Here's problem. Mamatics in Engineering, health sciences, and science in weight of science, whereas you do not look at this distinction, you are garing two under a roof!

I mean, you're making such an ointment that re'll be a cure for every trouble!


I've only seen two positive points in system you call ' new '; The first is abolition of examination in March, and second is that 200 points received from ' Basic proficiency exam, if desired, may also be in later years.

I didn't see anything else positive. Let's see a positive side, confusion and uncertainty have increased much more.

The caravan will be lined up on road, it's obvious. In coming days, new explanations and updates will chase each or.

My advice to candidates; The content hasn't changed, it's a shapical change. No need to worry, continue with your existing system. Work well on subjects you are responsible for. Or details sit in place over time, and you continue to...

President of Council answered question of curiosity


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