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Idlib ' storm

In Syria, the Free Syrian Army began its Idlib operation, while the Storm howitzer was fired by Turkey and these forces were given support for ' preliminary cleansing ' in the region.

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The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) strengned its presence on Hatay-Reyhanli border line with reinforcements every day, while Free Syrian Army (FSA), which started Idlib operation, made its first support shot yesterday morning. The storm howitzer, with a range of 40 kilometers stationed at Cilvegözü and Oğpinar border outposts, backed FSA with 7 horses. Military resources support shots, bird's flight to Turkey 34 kilometers away from West countryside of Idlib, consisting of approximately 500 people, Öso power to ' pre-cleaning ', said it would continue if necessary. "The Turkish soldier is not entering Idlib at this stage," The question, "Öso, Tahrir al-Damascus (Hş) is moving to places where he does not want to leave. Öso, withdrawal continues to meet with HSH to make himself cry. There is a expectation of dissolution in HSH, so security of region and all or developments are expected. Turkish military orders are not given, immediately in case of "ready to enter" responded. Military sources stressed that in event of engagement rules added to agreement reached in Astana, Turkish soldier has authority to respond immediately to MISL in case of intervention. The west of Idlib countryside will be established at 14 different points. The Turkish military, which is scheduled to take part in observation points, will be settled at a distance of approximately 400 kilometers at certain intervals. Officials said that although three guarantors in Astana decided that country would send 500 soldiers, number could increase, and border line was made in consideration of this situation. Again, according to Astana, Turkish military will serve as an observer force for 6 months in first place after entering Idlib. This time will be extended as needed. ' Leopard ' camouflage: In context of Idlib operation, many armored personnel arriving in Hatay were deployed to Reyhanli border. The leopard tanks, which will serve in Idlib, were also shipped to border line. The tanks were painted in desert color, and ir camouflage was made in accordance with natural conditions of region. two separate military coordination centres are expected for Turkish, Russian and Iranian troops to be deployed to Idlib to be answered immediately. One of se centres suggests that Russia's Hmeymim base in Syria, or could be within Turkish border line. The coordination centres will be clarified at end of this month at meeting in Astana. Civilian wings of opposition forces in Syria are also in constant meetings. Deputy head of Syrian National Coalition, Abdurrahman Mustafa, said that y are coordinating with AFAD and Kizilay officials against all scenarios, "but we do not expect immigration after creation of conflict zones in Idlib. It is already a goal of conflict zones to prevent immigration, "he said. Turkish vehicles input claim Reuters news agency, meanwhile, was based on two sources from region, Turkish military vehicles entered Idlib region from Atme border crossing and claimed that HSH fighters accompanied delegation. Some sources close to Öso giving information to Hurriyet were different claims. A part of FSA sources suggested that Turkish military delegation entered Idlib to negotiate with HSH. Some or ÖSD sources claimed that three military vehicles belonging to Turkish armed forces entered Dertul Iza region, which was close to Afrin region of Idlib in an attempt to discover. In connection with FSA, some Syrian sources also argued that Turkish red Bear leader, Kerem Kılı, was reflected in "Turkish military Idlib region" to go to Idlib to see humanitarian efforts in place and to identify deficiencies. However, Turkish military sources on allegations responded to ' no knowledge '. support from USA "Our NATO ally protects Turkey's borders and fight against terrorism and prevent terrorist organisations from creating safe zones," said Eric Pahon, spokesperson for Pentagon's Middle East desk at U.S. Department of Defense. We support his efforts. " "The organisation is extension of al-Qaeda in Syria," said Pahon, who made a written statement to AA correspondent, stating that US position on Nusra Front has not changed. attack on market in Idlib Syria and Russian planes in Idlib, where Turkey launched operation along with FSA, while air strikes, Syrian planes struck a market yesterday. In air raid in district of Minet Numan, 12 civilians, including children, were killed and 15 civilians were injured.


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