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We gave it to you.

The US Embassy, Washington's support for the PKK and the fatwa has stepped up a scandal that would undermine the two countries ' relations with the crisis. The embassy has suspended all visa transactions in Turkey. Turkey's jet responded. Our embassy in Washington announced the suspension of visa proceedings to US citizens. Now the public expects new steps against the United States, including the closure of Incirlik. The scandal decided that the Istanbul consular officer Metin Topuz came after his arrest with the charge of the fatwa. The Istanbul chief Prosecutor's Office had a strong contact with the Fetish'ü police and prosecutors, who were involved in the 17-25 December Kumpa.

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We gave it to you.

Turkey-US relations with support of fatwa and PKK/PYD came to brink of a scandal with a decision. The US Embassy in Ankara, which is an excuse for holding of Metin Topuz, a consular officer determined to have a close relationship with fetuses, announced that it suspended all visa transactions in Turkey.

The United States, which hosts all owners of fatwa, including terrorist organization PKK/PYD, who sent a thousand 500 TIR weapons and fetus Gülen, has deadlocked two countries ' relations with a scandalous decision. The US embassy in Ankara announced that visa services in Turkey have been suspended indefinitely.

They'll assess!

"Recent events have forced US government to reevaluate commitments of Government of Republic of Turkey to security of facilities and personnel of US mission," embassy said in a statement. In order to minimize number of visitors to our embassy and consulates during evaluation process, non-immigrant visa services in all U.S. diplomatic missions in Turkey are suspended, as effective immediately "were used.


US envoy Bass recently had an audacious explanation

The ambassador was arrogant.

The decision to come after arrest of US consul-general Metin Topuz's ' espionage ', determined to be a liaison with 121 named in Fatwa investigations, noted. US ambassador to Ankara John Bass, Topuz after arrest of brazen remarks were found. ' I believe that some names from government are seeking revenge, ' said Bass, spy Topuz was back: "The accusations against him are flimsy and will not reveal any evidence to support se accusations."

  • Outputs with ir agents
  • Metin Topuz, who worked at US consulate since 1993, was arrested under investigation of fatwa. Topuz, former prosecutor Zekeriya Oz, former police chief, who planned and executed 17/25 December initiative in dispatch post sent to detention of criminal justice, Mutlu Ekizoğlu, Mahir Çaylı, Yakub respectful, Nazmi Ardaz and Yasin Topcu often interviewed was noted. On July 15th, Lieutenant Colonel Oktay Akkaya and Ankara, former police director Zeki Taşkın, which has been instructed to join gendarmerie by distributing weapons to coup initiative, is among names of Topuz's Irtabatta was emphasized. The total number of fetuses interviewed by Topuz was determined to be 121. In case of prosecutor's office, Topuz was expressed as an "intermediary" among foreign intelligence and countries at principal perpetrator of action. The United States ' visa to suspend indefinitely after arrest of Bun's decision to arrive immediately after "Washington agent has appeared" comments.

The decision taken by our embassy in Washington will not affect passengers of US citizen on upcoming planes during day to Nturkey.


Instant response

Ankara immediately responded to United States ' scandal for Turkey visa decision. As US embassy in Ankara received visa decision, retaliation of Turkey's embassy in Washington made requirement for reciprocity. The Embassy of Washington, "Turkey also suspended visa applications for US citizens. Visa and e-visa application suspended at border "explained. The statement made by embassy is as follows:

Respond with same expressions

"Recent events have forced Turkish Government to reevaluate commitments of US government to security of facilities and personnel of Turkish missions. To minimize number of visitors to our embassy and consulate in United States during evaluation process, visa procedures for US citizens in all our missions in United States, effective immediately is suspended. In addition to label visa, application includes e-visa and Border Bandrol visa applications. "

Agenda of United States Consulate General of Istanbul arrested in Feö

The agenda missed listening records


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