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TV: "Sexual harassment at work: The case of all"

See also tonight. Andrea Rawlins-Gaston is interested in the sexual harassment in the company on the occasion of a special evening aired on France 2 (from 9 pm).

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Documentary on France 2 at 10:30 p.m. "by dint of talking about sexual harassment, we're going to kill seduction, right or wrong?"; Whistle one morning a co-worker at work saying you have a nice little ass : Sexual harassment or not? He is columnist of France Inter Guillaume Meurice who asks questions to a group of volunteers, equipped with a remote control, in documentary of Andrea Rawlins-Gaston. Or questions follow, aimed at deciding on a topical issue: how is sexual harassment characterised?

A question to which France 2 decided to devote a whole evening, with at 9 pm TV movie of Virginia Wagon, harassed; Then at 10:30 p.m. The documentary by Andrea Rawlins-Gaston, sexual harassment at work: The Affair of all, followed by a debate hosted by Marie Drucker.

A pedagogical value Quiz

One in four Frenchmen is not able to set limit between what is or is not sexual harassment at work. Also quiz conducted by Guillaume Meurice has pedagogical value. Both in questions formulated and in explanations made by Marilyn Bagslkote, General delegate of European Association against violence against women at work (AVFT).

This form of debate occupies a prominent place in staging of Andrea Rawlins-Gaston and Laurent madly, questions serving as a transition to testimonies of Annabel (40 years), Julia (24 years) or Isabelle (51 years). This is one of strengths of film. If he has merit of clearly tracing legal perimeter of what is sexual harassment or not, age difference between victims so much to show that everyone can be touched. At time of fact, Julia was still a law student when she was assaulted in restaurant where she worked. As for Isabelle, she was 47 years old and her assailant, about sixty years.

Even if narratives, courageous and exposed, are sometimes forgotten in "quiz" feature, film fully traces path of sexual harassment in workplace. In particular, post where se traumatized women no longer dare to wear makeup or skirt to go to work. Not to mention 95% of m who, according to figures of AVFT, lose ir job after denouncing harassment facts.

Sexual harassment at work: The case of all, by Andrea Rawlins-Gaston (Fr., 2017, 70 min)


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