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Ferrand Case: The Brest Prosecutor's office classifies the dossier on the mutuals of Brittany without further

The prosecutor of Brest announced on Friday the classification of the investigation for the leader of the Deputies the Republic on the March, Richard Ferrand, citing in particular the prescription of the public action.

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Ferrand Case: The Brest Prosecutor's office classifies the dossier on the mutuals of Brittany without further
The prosecutor of Brest announced, on Friday, 13 October, unsuited classification of investigation concerning Richard Ferrand, leader of Deputies Republic on March (LRM), in case of mutuals of Brittany. In particular, Public Prosecutor's Office invoked statute of limitations.

"The offences of breach of trust and fraud are not constituted, for lack of proven harm," said prosecutor of Brest, Jean-Philippe Récappé, in a press release.

With regard to possible offence of illegal taking of interest, " question arose complex" and " Brest prosecutor's office could have considered opening of judicial information", furr acknowledged prosecutor of Brest, Jean-Philippe Récappé, in a Press release. It was however appropriate to check beforehand wher possible infringement (...) was not prescribed, which was case since 19 June 2015 in light of rules of prescription n in force (three years for offences), he stressed.

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"Sword of Damocles above head"

This court decision is a real relief for this first-hour support of Emmanuel Macron, who was in a precarious political situation since opening of a preliminary inquiry on 1 June. According to his relatives, he had a "sword of Damocles above his head", awaiting verdict of Brest prosecutor's office.

Today its political horizon is clearing up. After having been compelled by this case to release Ministry of Cohesion of Territories to take lead of group Republic on March (LRM) at National Assembly, at end of June, because of suspicions weighing on him, Richard Ferrand feared of any Lose. In recent weeks, several elected macronists were making same diagnosis: in case of an unfavourable judicial decision, former socialist could not remain a leader of LRM members because it would have risked weakening whole group and, by Ricochet, to handicap President of Republic.

Mr. Ferrand, who has always vigorously denied any irregularity, has never digested to be in sights of justice. Very bitter to have had to leave government, former Socialist member has always considered himself to be at centre of a "media case" – and not judicial – since he was challenged on 24 May by chained duck.

"He feels this case as a terrible injustice," entrusted one of his loved ones, early September. "He is in a complicated psychological situation," explained anor, pointing out that Mr. Ferrand must complete an "ungrateful" task by directing a bloated group of 313 deputies, including a large majority of novices. A change of position lived as a demotion by this man, who, after ousting of his ministry, would have preferred to seize presidency of Assembly, where François de Rugy finally imposed himself.

"His image is charred"

Since his taking office on 24 June, Richard Ferrand has been challenged by some of LRM MPs, who accuse him of an alleged lack of involvement in driving group and a "brittle side". At end of first special session, at end of July, Member of Parliament for Finistère was target of many critics, particularly because of his absenteeism in Hemicycle. In addition, some criticized him for having left persannalités with no experience in Parliament, including vice presidents whose "perch" discomfort paved way for sessional incidents.

His supporters, such as members Gilles le son-in-law, Hervé Berville or Coralie Dubost, praise "a man of great quality" who has played a founding role in movement!, and "by far most qualified" to occupy position of group president.

Since beginning, many said it in better form, more round, but remaining voluntarily indented pending results of preliminary investigation targeting it. It remains to be known what its political future will be after this ordeal.

Out of government because of business, some of m lend intentions to return re once put out of cause. A scenario judged unlikely by Macrony. Even if it is bleached, its image is charred and man is very weakened. Richard gets exhausted from washing machine, "observes a minister of weight, not believing in his return to grace."


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