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Thrombosis threatens life (13 October World Thrombosis Day)

Thrombosis is an important event that can threaten life with congestion caused by a clot called thrombus in the vein.

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October 13th was declared as "World Thrombosis Day" to draw attention to diseases caused by this event and to create awareness.

A thrombosis can occur in an artery or a vein, and it can give different symptoms according to organ fed by vein. For example, blockage caused by thrombosis in an artery belonging to heart called coronary artery causes cardiac infarction. Similarly, if same event occurs in brain artery, it causes brain infarction. Subsequently, paralysis may occur in respective parts of body.

Thrombosis can also occur in a vein. Most often, leg is in vein. The veins on surface can be watched toger with varicose veins, less dangerous. However, if deep vein thrombosis occurs in deep veins that we call blood clot (thrombus), it advances through blood through vein to heart, passing through heart, reaching artery of lung. Pulmonary embolism can cause fatal disease we call it.

What factors facilitates formation of thrombosis?

The reasons described by scientist Rodolf Virchow named as Virchow Triad are as follows:

-slowing of blood flow.

-The deterioration of blood structure.

-deterioration of internal structure of vessel.

Long-lasting bed rest or long-distance travel due to stay motionless, pump failure of heart causes blood to slow down at flow rate. There may also be some blood disorders associated with clotting factors, some hormone rapies, smoking, infection, cancer due to tendency to clot in blood. In addition to causes of this phenomenon such as pregnancy and obesity, causes of vascular internal structure such as diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol elevation also increase susceptibility to thrombosis.


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