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Regional Sicily, via the presentation of the lists but è gi à chaos. This is on the unique list Orlando-Crocetta

Yellow on the forms to be delivered to the electoral office. The coalitions continue to fight for the lists. Appeal of Micas to unique list with the ">

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The provincial and regional electoral offices were opened at 9 a.m. for deposit of lists and lists of candidates to President of region for elections in Sicily, scheduled on 5 November. And first controversy erupted: "An error in forms of acceptance of candidacies prepared by region, which ignores in document Severino law, is creating chaos at opening of electoral offices for filing of lists," said Massimo Costa, leader of independence of "Sicilian free" movement. In essence, as Republic explains today on newsstands, modules refer to a law prior to Severino which considers fewer cases of ineligibility. The deadline for submitting lists with candidates to Assembly will expire tomorrow at 4pm. The provincial lists must be presented at Registry of Tribunals of provincial capital in which Central Office District is located, while lists at Registry of Court of Appeal of Palermo. Meanwhile, disputes in coalitions continue to define candidacies. In Center Rosary Crocetta opens. And it takes a half way between withdrawal of megaphone and "plan B", that is: Fill list "Archipelago Sicily" with candidates of Next generation and left Sicilian. Unabated negotiations: As presentation of lists for regional authorities begins, coalition that supports Fabrizio Micai continues to deal with grain Orlando: The mayor of Palermo was in fact disengaged by creation of list in support Of aspiring governor, and after hard face-to-face yesterday between DEM and first citizen you work to fill it in anor way. "The problem – hissing a prominent exponent of Democratic Party – was created by Orlando. Many of candidates proposed for Palermo archipelago are in fact ' loans ' of Pd. Cross, instead, had lists ready ". In The field, however, re is also request arrived yesterday, withdraw symbol of megaphone to fill list archipelago Sicily. "I – said again in evening Crocetta – I have candidates ready, why should I give up symbol? It makes no sense: I have been loyal. " In mid-morning, however, comes one that sounds like a half turn: a cross opening to filling of archipelago list also with candidates of megaphone. "It would not be a withdrawal of megaphone-y grant from Pd-but a cross list that would save symbol MICAI president." Now it comes to candidacy of Crocetta. The alternative hyposis is to guide movement in race to Ars in Palermo, Messina and Catania. So, we will probably proceed with what last night was a "plan B": to converge in "Archipelago Sicily", only list characterized by name of Micas, candidates of two civic minors and some of names included in price list, from Antonio Rubino to Valeria Sweat. The hyposis, however, at moment is still a draft work. This morning, Micas launches an appeal to sense of responsibility: "We are a true coalition that is carrying on its own project. With same unitary spirit with which we have worked so far, we must now define lists. It serves as a ' list of president ' competitive and cohesive: for this I appeal to all forces that support me, starting from megaphone of President Rosario Crocetta, so that y can make ir contribution in this direction. We have presented our ' list ' for two days already – adds Micas – while in deployment of Musumeci are still arguing: we had said from beginning, ir is not a coalition but a ' cartel of interest ' that is imploded at first deadline ". If center is in distress, center is not free of problems. In coalition of Nello Musumeci The problem is exclusion from list of Gaetano Armao: The appointed Vice-President convened a press conference for this morning, even if rumors were talking about decision of army not to apply and waive even Ticket with in Musumeci for Vice-President at end of weapon remains but attacks Allies: it serves a verification, unfulfilled agreements ".


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