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New Hurricane Alert in the United States: emergency announcement in 4 states

In Central America, the Nate tropical storm, which caused dozens of people to lose their lives, was declared an emergency in the four states in the south of the US, as it turned into a first-degree hurricane and headed towards the Gulf of Mexico.

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Central American countries, in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Honduras, which led to disappearance of at least 25 people, hurricane of Nate, after turning into a first-degree tornado in tourist areas of Mexican coastline, Louisiana, Mississippi and An emergency has been declared in western parts of Alabama states and Florida.

The hurricane that won power in Gulf of Mexico said previous month could still lead to strong winds and giant waves, although not as much as Maria and Irma Hurricanes that were influential in region.

The state-ruled Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards sent a thousand National Guard troops to region to monitor drainage pumps in state of New Orleans.

"We have tried many times, no need to panic," mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrie, who had previously been subjected to major disasters, said in a statement that severe winds could cause massive blackouts.

TRUMP ' Listen to authorities ' call

US president Donald Trump also warned people living in areas that are expected to be effective in disaster, said on Twitter. In message of President Trump, "Our great team in Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is preparing for hurricane Nate. Everyone in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, please listen to your local authorities and stay safe. "

Hurricane Katrina, which was influential 12 years ago in United States, came over Gulf of Mexico, hitting sourn shores of country, causing a thousand 833 people to lose ir lives in New Orleans.

After disaster, US President George W. Bush was subjected to harsh criticism due to inability of FEMA to provide public evacuation and lack of aid efforts in organization.


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