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New era in the Waste Battery collection campaign in schools

The new Era &quo; 400 tons of waste battery collection and quotas, which includes the annual and quo; of the 2017-2018 academic year of the waste battery collecting campaign at the schools, has begun with the target of &quo;

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The new era, which includes 2017-2018 academic year of "waste battery collection in schools" organized annually by portable battery producers and Importers Association (TAP), began with goal of "400 tonnes of waste battery collection". Tap Secretary-General Neslihan Bahar, founded in 2004, has recalled that tap is only institution authorized by Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in collection of waste batteries. In Turkey, in 2007, only 225 tonnes of annual waste battery collection increased by 2014 to 555 tonnes, pointing to end of spring, in 2015, 630 tonnes, and in 2016, 720 tonnes of waste batteries to collect and exceed ir objectives said. Bahar pointed out that y have organized training and campaigns to furr increase sensitivity of collection of waste batteries, pointing out that re have been great tasks for children and schools to place concept of waste batteries in Turkey in future. "As usual, we have launched Waste Battery Collection campaign on 1 October at all schools throughout Turkey for 2017-2018 school period, and we will terminate on April 30th," Bahar said. Within scope of campaign, municipalities collect batteries from schools, each province will be evaluated in itself and 3 schools collecting most waste batteries will be rewarded under campaign spring, number of cities and schools participating in campaign each year He noticed that he increased. "Our goal is to reach a thousand tons in two years" This year, amount of waste battery collection aiming to reach 800 tonnes of spring, said: "The collection of waste batteries is too large to share schools. As a result of increasing sensitivity of our students and even ir families in this regard, we have gared about 40 percent of total amount of waste battery last year from schools. This amount was 325 tonnes last year, and this is number 350 tonnes this year. In this context, we anticipate that at least 10 percent increase in collection of waste batteries in schools each year will last in this campaign period, and we set our target to 400 tons in schools for 2018. In Turkey, our goal is to reach a thousand tonnes in two years. " Bahar, most battery-collecting three schools from all provinces will be awarded in May 2018, he noted.


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