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The average age of a heart attack is dropping!

85% of the risk of heart attack is high in men and #8217, experts say, the average age of the heart attack has fallen in recent times, he noted. An important trigger pointed to by experts is stress factor.

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In Istanbul Fatih, 27-year-old lecturer Ezgi T. 's heart attack, outcome of steering wheel was claimed to have lost. The young woman who hit free G. was hospitalized, causing severe injury. In region of Samsun, an elementary school student, 8-year-old Sevin Çilçer, died of a heart attack. These two sad incidents of young age turned ir eyes into a heart attack risk.

Heart attack male disease?

Cardiology expert Prof. Dr. Mehmet AxAx, was found in assessments of heart attacks, which were passed at an early age. Cardiac arrest is a process that nourishes heart of coronary arteries that nourish cardiac cells, and cardiac cells that end in death of heart of heart attack, stating that axe, heart crisis is male disease, he said.

85 percent of heart attack is more frequent in men, but in women after age of 65, this risk is equal to men, Dr. AxAx said:

"The menstrual vision in women avoids risk of heart attack in normal conditions. But after 15-20 years of menopause, let's say that a woman is cut from a 50-year-old, average 65-year-old woman with a heart attack is equal to men. A heart attack is especially male disease and is a disease of elderly. Why is he old sickness? Because heart attack starts to thickening from age of 15. Records accumulate. This accumulation increases over time and becomes serious. When he added a clot upon accumulation, heart blockage occurs. That's main reason for heart attack. "

Smoking is biggest factor

Referring to risk factors that increase heart attack, cardiology expert said, "First smoking, second is male gender, third is age, fourth is height of cholesterol, blood pressure, and diabetes."

Mor and far increase risk of heart attack 

Prof. AxAx, recently stated that average age of heart attack has fallen, said: "First smoking, second is risk of having a first-degree heart attack like parents in his family. His far was 55, his mor had a heart attack before age of 65, which is more than a risk. Many genetic factors that we call homogenic play a role here. So se individuals are more likely to have heart disease and a heart attack. In young patients, maternal and paternal genetic factor increases risk of heart attack in smokers. Thirdly, when using some birth control pills in women, risk of heart attack is increased automatically. "

More often seen in assignment 

The stress factor is also one of important risk factors for heart attack cardiologist, who noted that "young people and elderly do not notice. Let's say you're getting angry somewhere, yelling, calling, y're not too risky. The risk is more than real nerve-beating. It's more visible in people who throw it in and accumulate. Public pressure happens to everyone, but it's more frequent in throws, not major, but more often. Heart attack is a huge variety. The person doesn't feel anything, but suddenly he's dying. It's sudden death to start clogging and die within an hour after you start having a heart attack. One of most common reasons for this is heart attack. Sudden death doesn't necessarily mean a heart attack. There are a wide variety of reasons but most common is heart attack, "he said.

Referring to heart attack symptoms, Prof. AxAx, "The biggest symptom is chest pain. When heart stops, it needs to be taken to intensive care and immediate intervention. If re is chest pain, you should go to a center that can do angiography. Turkey is currently in a widespread state of this network. The patient must be processed within an hour. So angiography should be done. Thus, condition of cardiac veins is detected, n blockage with stent must be done with opening process, "he said.

What do those who have a heart attack at wheel?

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Akkax, who had a heart attack in his car alone, explained following advice:

" When chest pains start, you pull car over and you call 112. You won't do anything until 112 arrives. If person is unconscious or not breathing, it is taken to intensive care and is being intervened. When you feel pain burning, you pull car over. If re's someone with him, first 112 should be searched. But if person's breath is stopped, air roads can be opened. "


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