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Hospital fires, patients evacuated

The warehouse in the basement of Tunceli State Hospital caused minor damage and 70 patients were evacuated for precautionary measures.

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There was a fire in warehouse of Kantinin in basement of Tunceli State Hospital.

Due to estimated fire from electricity cone, many firefighters, National medical Rescue Team (Umke), provincial Disaster and Emergency directorate and police teams were dispatched to hospital.

In a short time, a small-scale damage occurred in warehouse due to fire extinguishing.

In some parts of hospital, 70 patients who were treated were evacuated to be unaffected by smoke.

A number of patients who were taken to hospital with Umke and hospital's emergency service and police teams were suspended in police midibuses and municipal buses.

Tunceli governor and deputy Mayor Tuncay Sonel came to hospital and received information from officials about fire.

"Patients were evacuated for precautionary purposes"

Sonel said that fire was in warehouse of lower floor of canteen when he left hospital in a statement to reporters.

Indicating that fire could have emerged from electrical cone, Sonel noted:

"Our fire brigade came to hospital in six minutes as soon as we got fire report. Our Afad, our chief physician, our safety, all our doctors are here. About 70 patients were taken to safe environments so y could not be affected by smoke. With emergency section of hospital, we are visiting m on buses of our security and municipality. Our patients will be taken back in when hospital is completely drained of smoke. Let us all get past it. "

Stressing that fire was completely under control in a short time, Sonel expressed that patients were evacuated for precautionary purposes.


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