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Cavusoglu: Our aim at Idlib is to prevent conflicts altogether

Foreign Minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu, the operation of the Idlib, "the situation in the field, our intelligence and our soldier will assess together. He said the steps would be taken. "

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Cavusoglu: Our aim at Idlib is to prevent conflicts altogether

Çavuşoğlu, AK Party camp, journalists announced agenda. On his phone call with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, north Iraq, Syria and Idlib, Cavusoglu said that y discussed some consular issues. "We are already discussing a variety of issues with Rex Tillerson every ten days. We have a good dialogue with Iranian Foreign minister. We are following situation in Idlib, "he said.

"What is status of Turkish soldier in Idlib" Çavuşoğlu answered following question:

"We arrived at a agreed in Astana. We want to avoid conflict in se areas. So area of conflict or tensions is mitigating. Of course re will be Russian, Iranian observers in certain regions, and in Idlib will be our scouts. Of course, in Idlib, our observers will be in safe places that re is no risk. Because everyone has a guarantor, so in Idlib, re are already predominantly Free Syrian army and civilians from Aleppo, but re are radical elements in this region as well as everywhere. We told Russia and ors, ' don't make a good bombing because civilians are dying. ' If re is, terrorist must be identified and fought with it. The good bombing of Svilas or moderate opposition is no use, and even representatives of some of organisations that delivered humanitarian aid were injured today, and Rex Tillerson told me. Our goal is to avoid conflicts altoger and facilitate political process. Astana is a platform for prevention of confidence in a place, conflicts, to be stopped, but our goal now is to revive Geneva process. De Mistura works for it. We're giving him a boost. (We will enter Idlib based on intelligence sharing from FSA) Our intelligence and our soldier will assess situation in field toger. The steps are to be taken. "


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