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In Calais, the vast majority of migrants swear by England

92.5% of the 700 migrants present in Calais want to join Great Britain, according to a survey carried out by the Auberge des migrants.

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This is England or nothing ... Of ten migrants present in Calais, nine have one idea in mind: to rally London. The Auberge des migrants, who questioned exiles every month on a particular subject, asked m, in September, what ir motivations were to remain on se hostile lands, where police officers prevent m from sleeping every night, where it is increasingly Cold and humid. The investigation is unpretentious, but it recalls that 92.5% of migrants from Calais did not abandon English dream and "are re to pass", as summed up by Loan Torondel, field coordinator in this association that accompanies m on a daily basis. In addition, 6.5% of exiles wishing to stay in France and seek asylum. The opinion of remaining 1% is less clear-cut between se two options.

To obtain a reliable snapshot of this microcosm, twenty volunteers from this historical association interviewed for three days, close to several food distribution points, 214 of approximately 700 migrants who survive re. Since state evacuated jungle a year ago, it is French and British associations that manage to feed se Africans, Afghans or Kurds.

The language barrier

If London remains final dream of very large majority of exiles in area, it is in particular "because 62% say re is a loved one." A far, a mor, an uncle or a friend, says Loan Torondel. These migrants, whose average age is 21 years old (but whose youngest crusader is only 13 years old), also evoke desire to study re (15%) or work re (9%). They are 8% reminded that handling of English language will help m to integrate quickly, whereas if y remain in French territory, language will be a handicap for m.

But language barrier is not only thing that takes away desire to stay in France. According to Auberge survey, 10% of young people think – incorrectly – that Dublin regulation does not apply beyond channel, 6% believe that human rights are better respected and 4% that protection system is better than in hexagon.

In fact, investigation certainly underestimates number of people who are targeting England for fear of being sent back to Italy, Bulgaria or elsewhere by France, on behalf of Dublin agreements, which authorise transfer of an asylum seeker to first Country where he left traces in Europe, analysis Loan Torondel.

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The two reception centres, an inadequate response

The presence in Calais of migrants who tried ir luck in Paris before joining Hauts de France, shows that once y understood that will of French Government was to do a sorting and attempt to return "Dublines", y seek to continue R ir way to British Isles.

This decision, according to Auberge des migrants, would still be reinforced by police violence in Paris (in form of a dislodging) and in Calais (with a recurring use of tear gas). A subject on which an investigation of "font police", IGPN, and General Inspectorate of Administration (IGA) was conducted.

The survey of Auberge des migrants shows, moreover, that opening of two reception centres this summer, several tens of kilometers from Calais, after Council of State imposed establishment of a more dignified reception, does not arouse a very strong Craze. Worse: "Migrants wishing to seek asylum in France and do so from a reception centre represent only 1.17% of people interviewed by hostel," reports Loan Torondel. This means that field coordinator says "The state's response is inadequate".

The association also takes pretext of this survey to ask once again that migrants who have relatives in Britain can join it legally.


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