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Theatre: The artist, the revelation with her science fiction piece

The 31-year-old playwright staged "France-phantom" in Lille, until October 15.

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Theatre: The artist, the revelation with her science fiction piece
There is new in north, and it is a young woman, At age of 31, she succeeded in holding her breath for two and a half hours with France-Phantom, a show she wrote and staged, on a me that is almost never approached at atre, science fiction. We are in France, in 25th century.

People have become immortal, not because lifespan has been extended to infinity, but because science allows that once dead, y can resurrect in body of anor, where ir memories are downloaded. Véronique, a professor of literature at university, thus reverted to life of Sam, her husband, whose disappearance in an attack made her unconsolable. But not everything goes as planned: Sam belongs to 3% of "reminded" who do not find ir marks in ir new skin.

This frame allows artist to develop a story built as a scenario, very written, with different levels of language, and traversed by several problems, including those, central, memory, image and art, become Useless in a France whose motto is "Lucidity, security, immortality". Everyone is asked to regularly entrust ir memories to a wall box so that y are stored numerically in ocean, off meeting. Everyone can look at mselves in a mirror, but no one has right to paint, photograph or film a face. "If God and death no longer exist, what good is art?", says a colleague to Véronique, who resists: for her, art is immortal.

The influence of Greg Egan

It could be a simplistic statement, if, in era of "Ninth Scopic Revolution", we were plunged into a today where technique opens up an ever wider field to possible. Several influences have guided his remarks, in particular writings of Greg Egan, author of "Hard" science fiction, this genre that builds on a future that is conceivable in terms of scientific knowledge, but not yet feasible. In addition, she has practiced Michel Houellebecq, whose elementary particles she played under direction of Julien Gosselin. Like director, it belongs to a generation that finds itself in great national narratives of novelist, and in those of Aurélien Bashir.

The Risen Man, transhumanism, security dictatorship, status of image: Many mes are tackled in France-Phantom, which begins in a set of filming, as if it were a movie, and n frees it, passing from fiction to The reality.

It is atre as it is invented today, a atre that believes in strength of narrative

The mastery of plateau of which she is testifying is remarkable, given his experience (France-Phantom is his third show). There is freedom, momentum, rhythm, actors and musicians fully engaged. It is atre as he invents today, a atre that believes in strength of narrative, is not afraid to tackle issues head-on, and seeks human behind politics, not without a hint of romance, probably worried, but claimed as Hope of becoming better.

For all se reasons, France-Phantom is a highly recommendable show. After its creation at North Theatre in Lille, it will turn 2018 in some cities. He deserves better.

France-Ghost, De and directed by North Theatre, 4, place Charles-de-Gaulle, Lille (nord). Tel.: 03-20-14-24-24. From Wednesday 4 to Sunday, October 15. 10 to 25 euros.


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