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Those who use Chrome are good news! A nightmare is ending

The vulnerability is shutting down, where sites redirect users to other sites and advertisements to make money

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According to a document seen by Bleeping Computer, Google is working to prevent "tab-under" Behavior in Chrome. For those unfamiliar with Argo, Google defines "tab-under" Behavior as an unannounced user viewing an ad or or site by opening its own copy of site in anor tab when navigating or clicking on a page.

Many site owners and advertisers are trying to use this system to advertise ir visitors or open different sites and take advantage of ir advertising numbers and referral fees. The telemetry collected by Google shows that original pages (which show ads or redirect to or sites) are not re-signed, and this is to make use of se sites clearly. Used.

Google engineers now seem to be tired of this behavior, and y have been interested in this problem last November.

Now Google has submitted three methods to stop this behavior on Chrome with a document that it publishes.

The first two methods show an alert inside page using existing Chrome detection system. The difference between se two systems is that first suggestion will show a warning on original page before a new tab is opened, and latter will immediately close Chrome's original tab to show alert on new page.

Chrome engineers are currently choosing first option, and one of main reasons is that opening of a new tab does not hide navigation history, and "Back" key is essentially unfunctioning.

A third suggestion was to develop existing Chrome pop-up blocker and provide support for "tab-under", but first suggestion is victorious.


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