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8-year-old patient with 7 cm tumor output from the skull

The 8-year-old little Tahir Emush, living in Macedonia ’d A, was recovered from a 7 cm & #8217 tumor, which was settled in the skull base, after 10 hours of surgery. Kocaeli ' After the operation of the;d, the child who regained his health, the day he will return to his country to start school is looking forward.

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The 8-year-old son of Emush family of Mekodonian, Tahir Emush, has been admitted to a hospital in his country with severe ear pain complaints. As a result of ir son's condition of audits, family has decided to come to Turkey, unable to find possibility of treatment re.

Tahir Emush was examined by Prof. Dr. Mete Specialist in Kocaeli, where he came with his far Fatmir Emush. As a result of examination and examinations carried out in skull base, a 7 cm brain tumor was diagnosed with Tahir, family's approval was taken to surgery immediately.

10 hours of successful surgery

The operation performed by ENT specialist Prof. Dr. Mete Ileri took about 10 hours. After successful surgery, medical oncology specialist do ç. Tahir, who had chemorapy under auspices of Dr. Dogan Koca, was discharged in a total of one week. Postoperative statement Prof. Dr. Mete Ileri, said;

"A congenital illness was noticed about a month and a half ago. We were in surgery soon. It's risky, but re's been an operation to protect critical structures. As a result, we succeeded and we have a healthy home. "

Tahir Emush and Far Fatmir Emu'u, Prof. Dr. Mete Ileri, Doç. Dr. Doğan husband and responsible nurse Gülsüm Sahin.

He's looking forward to his school day.

His far, Fatmir Emush, who was a 3rd grader in Macedonia, Tahir Emush, has expressed his emotions as follows;

"My son is everything to me. Thank God we came to right door. We return with a successful outcome. Now he's going to start his school after he's rested for a while. He misses his school and his friends. He's looking forward to coming back to school. He also loved this place. We'il be back for next check. We thank all our doctors who have contributed forever. "


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