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Automotive exports increased by 10 percent

The export of the automotive September was 2 billion 152 million dollars, with a 10.9 percent increase compared to the same period of the previous year. Uludag automotive industry exporters...

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Automotive exports increased by 10 percent
Automotive exports increased by 10 percent Uha Economy News Entry Date: 9.10.2017 12:04 The export of automotive September was 2 billion 152 million dollars, with a 10.9 percent increase compared to same period of previous year. According to Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters Association (OIB), sector, which received 19 percent of total exports in September, reached 20.8 billion in January-September exports as a 22 percent increase.

Automotive, leading sector of exports in Turkey, continues its performance chart every month. According to Uludağautomotive Industry Exporters Association (OIB), automotive sector exported 2 billion 152 million dollars to 10.9 percent in September, compared to same period of previous year. The export of automotive, which has managed to rise above 2 billion dollars in all months of this year except August, has maintained its leadership by obtaining a total of 19 percent of Turkey's exports. The first nine-month exports of Otomotivin reached an increase of 22 per cent to 20.8 billion in numbers. On basis of product groups, exports of sector in September were double digits in passenger cars. In passenger cars world's largest markets continued to increase tradition of very high rates in United States. The sector, which recorded a record increase of 109 per cent to United States on basis of passenger cars last August, made a very high percentage of exports in September, as well as 61 thousand 149 percent of world's giant market in this group of goods.

Passenger car exports increased by 19.5 percent

According to data of month of September, exports of passenger cars on basis of goods groups increased by 19.5 percent to 849 million dollars, exports of automotive subsidiary industry by 9 percent increase to 795 million dollars, and export of goods to transport motor vehicles is 5 percent increase of 361 million dollars and Bus-Minibus-midibus exports also increased by 0.1 percent to 101 million dollars.

Germany, which is most export country in automotive industry, has seen a 10 per cent export increase. Or important markets were 24 percent to Italy, 15 percent to Spain, 37 percent to Russian Federation, and Slovenia increased by 257 per cent. Romania's exports to subsidiary industry declined by 21 per cent. Exports to Italy, which is largest market in passenger cars, fell 24 percent. From or markets to Germany, 27 percent, 78 percent to Spain, 31 percent to Poland, 60 percent to Belgium, and United States, a very high rate of 61 thousand 149 percent exports increased.

The country, which is most export in motor vehicles for goods, is 82 per cent to United Kingdom, 25 per cent to France, a 75 percent increase in Denmark, 14 percent to Italy, 10 percent to Slovenia and 23 percent fell to Germany. Bus minibus Midibus product group, which is most exported country in Germany, increase was recorded at a high rate of 51 percent. France, 15 per cent, 38 percent to UK and Slovenia declined by 84 per cent.

Largest market exports to Germany increased by 15 percent

Exports to Germany, which is largest market on basis of country, were first to be 360 million, with a 15 percent increase. Exports to Germany increased by 27 per cent of passenger cars exports and 10 per cent of exports of subsidiary industries. In turn, or major markets, France, increased by 5 per cent to 231 million, and Italy was exported to 228 million dollars with a 13 per cent increase. In decline for Italy, 24 percent of passenger cars exports, and 14 per cent of export of goods to transport motor vehicles was effective in decline. The country was 18 per cent to United Kingdom and Spain, 118 per cent to United States, 15 per cent to Belgium, 20 per cent exports to Poland, 17 per cent to Romania, 10 per cent to Russian Federation, and 13 per cent of Austria declined.

In a 118 per cent increase in automotive exports to United States among world's largest markets, 61 per cent of passenger car product group was effective. The exports to United States have increased by 10 percent. Again, from major markets to United Kingdom, 82 per cent of export of motor vehicles to transport goods to Spain, with increase of 78 per cent of passenger cars exports and 15 percent of exports of subsidiary industry was effective.

Exports to EU increased by 7 percent

On basis of country group, export growth for EU countries, largest market in automotive industry in Turkey, lasted in September. Exports to EU countries with a 78 percent share in exports were 1 billion 673 million dollars in September, with 7 percent increase. In ninth month of year, North American Free Trade Zone, which is among alternative markets, drew attention to a 90 per cent export increase. In September, 36 per cent of African countries increased by 43 per cent to or European countries.


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