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Minister Concise: Now our universities can establish a technology transfer company

Science, industry and technology minister Faruk Concise, Turkey ' Nin 2023 targets in the scope of the universities, the capital company, the status of the technology transfer company can now establish.

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Science, industry and technology minister Faruk Concise, Turkey's 2023 targets within scope of universities, capital company status of technology transfer company can now establish. Minister Concise, Abant Izzet Baysal University (Aibü) 2017-2018 academic year Opening ceremony at University's Congress Center, program, expressed satisfaction to be in programme, academic year University, faculty members and wished to be good to students. Since day of its inception, it is not only Bolu, but Turkey's important educational centre, he said, "Our university has acquired a privileged place in this aspect. As Minister of Science and Technology, Abant Izzet Baysal University is a distinct pride for me. Because we're not just opening a college academic year. We follow path of a great man devoted to his life, industry and education, "he said. "We initiate R D mobilization in universities" Minister Faruk Concise, said that y initiated R D mobilization in universities, noting: "I want to address all of our universities from here. Don't run away from R D sea. If you want to swim in information ocean, you need to get wet in R D Sea, crossing R D sea. The largest task in R D campaign in universities is to fall into universities. We don't want R D centers on paper. We want R D centres that work, produce, concrete research and produce signatures. Because science that remains on paper is not science. Science must be flesh and bone. " As ministry, minister said that y will do anything that falls on m, "enough that you ask. I express it clear and clear from here; Knock on our door, force us, if re's a space we're missing. Just produce science. Do not leave science you produce in se campuses, classes, and move m to field. As ministry, I say clearly and openly that we will give you all kinds of support. Accept this promise as a contract. We do not see resources we devote to R D as a financial burden. In our understanding, investing in R D is not burdensome, it is blessing. Because most fundamental tool for transforming information into product is R D and innovation. Without providing this, it is impossible to provide added value from science we produce ". Postdoctoral researcher regulation will be implemented in our universities "concise, in process of developing high-tech products within scope of 2023 objectives, referring to return of information to product is one of primary objectives," Within scope of Turkey's 2023 objectives, our universities can now establish a technology transfer company in status of capital company. Anor regulation made, post-Doc, is a post-doctoral researcher. With this new arrangement, post-doctoral investigative arrangement will now be applied to our universities. Thus, research capacity of our higher education institutions will increase "evaluation. The Program was released at entrance of Congress Center, serving students from rice, minister, n visited rector's office.


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