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The Catalan government's road map: "Generating conflict and forcible disconnection"

A report intervened by the Guardia Civil to Josep María Jové reveals the future keys of Govern

- 41 reads.

The road map of Catalan independence goes through unilateral declaration of Independencia and creation of a new state in two stages of government, according to a document called Enfo CATs Reenfocant el procés d´independencia per un resultt exitós Intervened by Guardia Civil last September 20 in register of domicile of Josep Maria Jové Llado, secretary general of Vice-Presidency, economy and Treasury arrested that same day by an order of a court of Barcelona for a possible crime of sedition .

The document seized by Guardia Civil, which has had access to country, is not dated and establishes path designed by Junts PEL Yes since elections of 2015 so far. A path in which y already ventured reaction of central government, action of justice, police and economic asphyxiation for what y designed actions that led to "a democratic conflict of broad citizen support, aimed at generating instability" "Political and economic that forces State to accept negotiation of separation or a forced referendum."

The Unilateral Declaration of independence "will generate a well-managed conflict can lead to a state of its own" because, according to editors of report " Spanish state will not recognize right to make a referendum, but if you see everything lost, you will do to "Let him lose it."

In folio number 40 of document intervened by Guardia Civil speaks of future government in shadow that contemplates its plan and that would be formed by a strategic committee and an executive committee. The Executive Committee includes general secretaries of presidency and vice-presidency ( Jové itself), directors of development and self-government offices, professional experts in different areas of project and advisors or secretaries General ad hoc, according to topics to be treated.

The strategic Committee would be formed by president of Govern, Vice-President, members of both of Independendistas parliamentary groups, president and vice-president of ANC, OMNIUN and AMI, among ors. They emphasize that presidents of ANC and OMNIUM are Jordi Sánchez and Jordi Cuixart respectively.

The correct management of timetables to achieve independence is anor of obsessions of report's editors. Folio 41 establishes that so-called transitional Government (stage 1) would arrive until September 2018 as long as independence majority was guaranteed with what could form a government of independence (stage 2) that would arrive in September 2022, "but "Which could declare independence day after its constitution or day before its dissolution".

The Independence Roadmap establishes three important objectives to achieve its goals: to add to majority, to inspire confidence and to work with guarantees.  "Fulfilling three objectives is minimum essential to face with guarantees of success," says author. And it emphasizes international credibility as "precipitating a declaration of independence without having fully worked se values would make it unattractive in eyes of international community" (a strategy seen internationally as "scrupulously democratic and can be a reliable partner").

The most appropriate discourse to achieve its aims is to strengn it "in rational and emotional reasons of its own state rar than in grievances of Spain and with a communication strategy shared by all sovereigntists actors".


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