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Basketball in the European league record Real Madrid

The team of Spain holds the highest winning team title, 9 times the trophy. Russian representative CSKA Moscow, ranked second in 7 times, Maccabi...

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Basketball European league record in Real Madrid AA Basketball News Introduction Date: 9.10.2017 12:21 The team of Spain holds highest winning team title, 9 times trophy. Russian representative CSKA Moscow, ranked second in 7 times, while Maccabi Tel Aviv and Panathinaikos 6, Varese 5, reached a happy ending in cup. The final championship in league has achieved Fenerbahçe.

Basketball will begin on Thursday (October 12th) before 2017-2018 season of Turkish Airlines, Spain's representative Real Madrid is most remarkable team in joy of trophy.

In a League of European Championship clubs or clubs European Championships, Spanish team holds title of team, which is most champions in 9 times.

Real Madrid, first of which was held in 1958, 1964, 1965, 1967, 1968, 1974, 1978, 1980 and 1995, after championships in year, 2014-2015 season of 20-year trophy, ending longing for 9th. Times have reached a happy ending.

CSKA Moscow second place

The Russian representative CSKA Moscow, who won championship in final of 2015-2016 season in Berlin, defeated 101-96 at end of extension Fenerbahce, and ranks second in 7 championships.

CSKA Moscow played 13 times in European League final; In years 1961, 1963, 1969, 1971, 2006 and 2008, championship was a joy.

In 2015-2016 season, Russian team defeated Fenerbahçe in Berlin in final 7. Champion.

Maccabi and Panathiisikos have a gold Championship

CSKA has been following Moscow's Maccabi Tel Aviv and Greece's Panathinaikos teams with six championships.

In league 15 times final played Maccabi Tel Aviv, 1977, 1981, 2001, 2004, 2005 and 2014 took place at summit.

Panathinaikos, who played final 7 times in Cup, was defeated in Suprolig final in 2001 only to Maccabi Tel Aviv team of Israel. Panathinaikos took trophy to museum in 1996, 2000, 2002, 2007, 2009 and 2011.

Italy's Varese team won trophy five times.

Last champions Fenerbahce

Turkish Airlines has won final championship in European league Fenerbahce.

The last 3 seasons of league have been showing success of final-four yellow-blue tailer, in 2014-2015 season 4. He was in line.

Serbian chief Coach Obradovic in 2015-2016 season in finals of Russia's CSKA Moscow team in end of 101-96 defeated yellow-blue tiler, 2. He stayed in line.

Fenerbahce, last season, Greece's Olympiacos team defeated 80-64 in final in Istanbul, reached happy ending and trophy was owner.

Two cups organized in 2001

Due to dispute between International Association of Basketball Federations (FIBA) and European Association of Basketball Leagues (ULEB), two championships were held in 2000-2001 season.

While FIBA's Suprolig was played with 20 teams, ULEB organised European league with 24 teams.

In final match of final quartet in Paris in Suprolig, Panathinaikos Tel Aviv won 81-67, while champions of European League's 5-match final series Tau Ceramica 3-2 excels in end, Kinder Bologna reached a happy ending.

After FIBA and ULEB's agreement, Europe's largest club-level tournament has been played in European league since 2002.

In 1988, four final system was passed

The cup was passed in 1988 to four Final system.

The finals were made over first couple of years, and n played in neutral field until 1987 as a single match. In 1988, Final system of quartet began.

Cup champions, finalists and results

The results of teams, finalists and final matches of championship in Cup are as follows:

Yilyerfinalresulty1958riga/sofyaask Riga-Academic Sofya86-81/84-711959riga/sofyaask Riga-Academic Sofya79-58/69-671960tbilisi/rigaask Riga-Dinamo Tiflis61-51/69-621961riga/Moskovacska Moscow-ASK Riga61-66/87-621962cenevredinamo Tbilisi-Real Madrid90-831963madrid/Moskovacska Moscow-Real Madrid69-86/99-801964brno/Madridreal Madrid-Spartak Brno99-110/84-61965moscow/madridreal Madrid-CSKA Moskova81-88/76-621966bolognasimmenthal Milano-Slavia Prag77-721967madridreal Madrid-Simmenthal Milano91-831968lyreal Madrid-Spartak Brno98-951969barcelonacska Moscow-Real Madrid103-991970ssarajbosnainis Varese-CSKA Moskova79-741971antwerpcska Moscow-Ignis Varese67-531972tel Avivignis Varese-Juroplastica Split70-691972liegeignis Varese-CSKA Moskova71-661974nantesreal Madrid-Ignis Varese84-821975antwerpignnis Varese-Real Madrid79-661976cenevrem. Varese-Real Madrid81-741977belgradmaccabi TEL Aviv-M. Girgi Varese78-771978nmunich-Mobilgirgi Varese75-671979grenoblebosna Sarajevo-Emerson Varese96-931980berlinreal Madrid-Maccabi Tel Aviv89-851983strasbourgmaccabi Tel Aviv-S. BOLOGNA80-791982könsquibb Cantu-Maccabi Tel Aviv86-801983-grenobleford Cantu-Billy Milano69-681984cenevrebanco di ROMA-FC Barcelona79-731985atinacibona Zagreb-Real Madrid87-781986budapeshtecibona Zagreb-Zalgiris KAUNAS94-821987lozantracer Milano-Maccabi Tel AVIV71-691988gentphilips Milano-Maccabi Tel Aviv90-841989nmühjuroplastika split-Maccabi Tel Aviv75-691990zarosajugoplastika split-FC Barcelona72-67199parispop 84 split-FC Barcelona70-651992istanbulpartizan-Joventut Badalona71-701993ATINACSP Limoges-Benetton Treviso59-551994tel avivjovventut Badalona-Olympiakos59-571995azarosareal Madrid-Olympiakos73-611996 Parabisathinaikos-FC Barcelona67-661997romaolympiakos-FC Barcelona73-581998barcelonakinder BOLOGNA-AEK Atina58-441999nmühzalgiris KAUNAS-Kinder Bologna82-742000selikpanathinaikos-Maccabi Tel Aviv73-672001paris (Suprabolig) Maccabi Tel Aviv-Panathinaikos81-672001bologna/vitoriakinder Bologna-Tau Ceramica65-78,94-73,80-60,79-96,82-742002bolognapanathinaikos-Kinder Bologna89-832003BARCELONAFC BARCELONA-Benetton Treviso76-652004tel Avivmaccabi Tel Aviv-Skipper BOLOGNA118-742005moskovamacacabi Tel Aviv-Tau Ceramica90-782006pragcska Moscow-Maccabi Tel Aviv73-692007atinapanathinaikos-CSKA Moskova93-912008madridcska Moscow-Maccabi TEL Aviv91-772009berlinpanathinaikos-CSKA Moskova73-712010parisbarcelona-Olympiakos86-682011barcelonapanathinaikos-Maccabi Tel Aviv78-702012istanbulolympiakos-CSKA Moskova62-612013londraolympiakos-Real Madrid100-882014milanomaccabi Electra-Real Madrid98-862015madridreal MADRID-Olympiakos78-592016berlincsska Moscow-fenerbahç101-962017istanbulfenerbahçe-OLYMPIAKOS80-64


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