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Terminally daughter (4) was flower girl-parents marrying in hospital

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Terminally daughter (4) was flower girl-parents marrying in hospital

She was so eager to be a flower girl at her parents ' wedding. But n everything came differently...

The four-year-old Paige from Australia was healthy and cheerful until she complained about severe headaches two months ago. Diagnosis: A malignant brain tumor in size of a lemon!

In order to fulfill her ill daughter's greatest wish, parents Tania and Jacob preferred ir wedding and gave mselves to hospital Do – and Paige was a flower girl.

The four-year-old Paige has a brain tumor that was discovered far too late

"They had been married so long ago and could not bear thought that Paige would not be re," says bridal nurse Innez of Daily Mail Australia.

The time was short: after chemorapy had worsened condition, doctors of Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in Brisbane gave girl only one or two weeks to live.

Nurses draw flower girl Paige a pretty dress Photo: Kylie Marcic Photography... and Golden Sch Uhe at

Innez offered her help to newlyweds and put off: permission from hospital, organization of wedding ceremony, wedding dress, music, decoration, wedding cake... With help of friends and relatives, she managed to make a beautiful and heartbreaking wedding on clinic grounds within 24 hours.

Even when her mama is groomed for wedding, Paige DabeiFoto: Kylie Marcic Photography The bride on crane Kenbett Your daughter Photo: Kylie Marcic Photography

The little Paige got her golden flower girl shoes and a tulle dressed, her mama in sick room hairstyle.

Then a keeper disguised as "Superman" pushed girl in a wheelchair to ceremony. Her eyes could not open four-year-old.

On hospital grounds Tania and Jacob give mselves JawortFoto: Kylie Marcic photography flower girl Paige In a wheelchair. The eyes could not öffnenFoto terminally daughter of bridal couple: Kylie Marcic Photography

Before 30 friends and family members, Tania and Jacob gave mselves to do while holding hands of ir ill daughter. "It was a very special day," says Innez.

The newly-married parents have not yet given up hope. With a "GoFundMe" campaign you collect donations for medical treatment of your daughter.

A kiss of Papa newlyweds with ir daughters Imogen (2) and Paige (4) Photo: Kylie Marcic Photography Sad and Beautiful: The wedding in hospital Photo: Kylie Marcic Photography

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