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The maximum number of campaigns is 1,000 TL

Brandzone announced the September 2017 smartphone campaign data. In September, the maximum campaign took place on smartphones in the price range of 1.000-1.500 TL, while the most campaign-regulating brand was Samsung.

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Brandzone has revealed dynamics of smartphone market to Hurriyet. com. tr. In September 2017, in all sales channels, a total of 1423 campaigns were held, while 5 most active brands in campaigns were also announced.

The maximum campaign took place in price range of 1.000-1.500 TL

According to Brandzone data; The Samsung summit was owner of a 50 per cent campaign rate and 705 campaigns in smartphone campaigns. The most active price range in Samsung campaigns amounted to 1.000-1.500 TL. With a 23 percent rate and 326 campaign, Apple ranked second in line. Apple's most active campaign price range was at 3,000-3,500 TL. Lenovo's most active price range is less than 1,000 TL, with a 7 percent rate and a third-place 97 campaign. Huawei's most active price range of 4 per cent and fourth of 61 campaign is 1.000-1.500 TL; The most active price range of Xiaomi, ranked fifth with a 4 per cent and 59 campaign, was less than 1,000 TL.

Here are campaign percentages by phone prices

According to Brandzone data in campaigns held in September;  Samsung was most campaign-regulating brand, compared to 36 per cent on smartphones with low priced 1,000 TL. Samsung was still at summit in price range of 1.000-1.500 TL compared to 67 per cent and in price range of 1.500-2.000 TL compared to 51 per cent. 2000-2.500 TL in price range of 40% compared to; Apple was owner of first row in price range of 2.500-3.000 TL compared to 61 per cent and in price range of 3,000-3,500 TL compared to 79 per cent. In price range of 3,500-5,000 TL, Samsung ranked in first place compared to 77 per cent.


According to model Brandzone data, which was held in September, most campaign;  With 167 campaign, Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime was 16 GB, while Apple IPhone 6s 32 GB 103 was ranked second in campaign. The Apple iphone 7 32 GB third with 96 campaign, 84 campaign with Apple iphone 6 32 GB fourth, 82 campaign was fifth in Samsung Galaxy A3 2017.

Technology markets ranked first

In September, most campaign-organizing sales channel in smartphone campaigns, 60 percent campaign percentage and 860 campaigns were technology markets. With a 25 percent campaign percentage and 362 campaigns, online markets ranked in second place, 6 percent campaign percentage and 89 campaigns, and Hypermarkets were ranked third. With a 6 percent campaign percentage and a 86 campaign, telecom operators ranked in fourth place, 1 percent campaign percentage and 26 campaigns and local dealers and fifth.


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