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5 Soruda TSK Target in Idlib

In the framework of the agreement between Turkey, Russia and Iran, some Turkish armed forces (TSK) elements have completed preparations for the transfer of the Syrian province to Idlib. Since yesterday, the Free Syrian Army (FSA), which enters Idlib from over Turkey, leads the way...

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5 Soruda TSK Target in Idlib

Idlib province, located on Turkish border in northwest of Syria, was covered by conflict zone in order to reduce tension within framework of agreement in which Turkey, Russia and Iran are in Kazakhstan's capital Astana.

After intense negotiations between Turkey and regime's guarantor Russia, Treaty of dissidents came to stage of implementation.

Öso entered Idlib, clashes are in progress, TSK in alarm

Idlib is in control of anti-regime military groups and some opposition groups.

-What will Turkish military do in Idlib?

The elements of TSK will be located within boundaries of voltage reduction zone designated for Idlib. Their duties will be to make ceasefire more permanent, largely guarded among regime and local military elements. For this purpose, elements of TSK, control and observation points will form.

-TSK is organizing operation? Against who?

Military and diplomatic sources are noting that action of TSK elements is not a movement of operation. During and after transfer of local elements or Assad regime is not aimed to conflict. However, he made preparations for TSK, taking into consideration all possible security risks.

-What is expected to be transferred?

The situation of local armed groups is assessed for smooth realization of plagiarism. Local groups versus arrival of some FSA groups.

Idlib has a group of opposition groups with many armed anti-regime groups.

The delegation of anti-regime groups, Tahrir-I Damascus (HSH), had recently come to prominence with increasing effectiveness of Idlib. Although many components have been separated in recent months, group has considerable firepower.

Hş did not make a direct statement against transfer of Turkish troops to region. On or hand, group opposes entry of various Free Syrian Army groups, prepared to come from Euphrates Shield operation area. HSH is citing United States to receive support from groups expected to arrive in region.

TSK also expects safest conditions to be achieved by evaluating delicate situation in region.

What will Turkey do in Idlib?

-Why is Idlib important?

One of biggest violent waves in Syrian civil war was Idlib.

After regime's control of Idlib and Russia's inclusion in Civil war in October 2015, violent air raids began in region.

On or hand, in shelter of civilians fleeing Syria's inner regions, Idlib has become an area where millions of people are trapped.

In event that ceasefire is not preserved, Assad regime, Iran-backed forces and Russia's recent period of intense violence towards Idlib to initiate a strong eye.

In such a case, millions of people are expected to collapse to border to enter Turkey. There are already more than 1 million people in camps at border that can be counted as zero.

According to local civilian administration records, around 2 million 400 thousand inhabitants in Idlib, approximately 1.3 million citizens have arrived with internal immigrants.

The TSK will initiate a cease-fire protection in Idlib, so that possible migration wave would be in front of civilians to secure shelter.

-What does Idlib have to do with PKK threat?

Located at norast end of Idlib province, Afrin region of Aleppo was occupied by terrorist organization PKK/PYD since 2011. The organisation has to seize part of Idlib in order to get to a corridor in north of country, where it can reach Mediterranean, starting with Iraqi border.

The military line, which will form in Idlib within framework of Turkey's Astana treaty, will also become a firewall in front of spread of terrorist organization in Afrin to Idlib.

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