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Are the iphones slowing down as a breeze?

It's a very common urban myth that Apple has slowed down the old models with updates and forced people to move to new IPhone models. A research conducted by Futuremark revealed that this myth was wrong.

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Many of IPhone users think that older models are slowing down as new IOS updates arrive and new models are released. The research company Futuremark conducted an 18-month research on this issue and results were very interesting.

In study, different iPhone models were followed by benchmark application 3DMark for 18 months. When results are viewed, IPhone 5s has been observed that GPU or CPU performance has never fallen during this time. Similar results have been achieved in or models.

Benchmark test results of IPhone 5s

Futuremark conducted this research in response to claim that Apple had deliberately slowed down old models before revealing new models by Harvard. The alleged fact that iphone model Gen 1 is going to increase slower calls before iphone model Gen 2 is introduced. Such a claim on findings of a Harvard student through Google trends is thought to have been exaggerated by Internet users over time.


There are hundreds of different explanations and conspiracy ories on internet about slowing of old iphones. This kind of city myth is unlikely to be related to Apple. If a company wakes feeling that devices it sells are inadequate, y can lose ir customers.

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