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Button pressed for Idlib: Provide target control

President Erdogan, the AK party's opium camp, said the operation of Idlib announced the beginning. The operation initiated by the FSA forces will be provided with control in Idlib. It will provide security in Idlib, which is declared as a region of conflict with the operation that Turkey supports, and does not allow terror groups to nest in the region.

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Button pressed for Idlib: Provide target control

The first step was taken for operation of Idlib, where Turkey has been preparing for a long time. The Free Syrian Army led by TSK entered Idlib.

The FSA and TSK in Idlib, which is among areas of conflict in Turkey, Russia and Iran after negotiations in Astana, will provide security in region. President Erdogan, today in a statement at AK party's opium camp, button was pressed for Idlib gave message. "Today re is a serious operation on Idlib and this will continue," President Erdogan said. President Erdogan, for Operation Idlib, "currently executing Free Syrian Army, yet our troops are not re," he said.

Turkey will be included in Idlib

  • In addition to TSK, which continues its military shipments to border area, forces connected to FSA also moved towards Idlib. Turkey's Idlib within framework of operation of outside of Idlib, Russia is aimed to provide control in region.
  • The operation of Free Syrian Army, which is supported by Turkey and participating in operation in Euphrates Shield region, will be controlled in Idlib with operations of forces attached. In this context, FSA forces passed through Babi Selame to Turkey, and transition from Hatay to Idlib is expressed.

Russia will be outside

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, returning from his trip to Iran, also made an announcement about conflict zone in Idlib.

Erdogan, "Russian president Putin, was in Turkey. We discussed how to operate triple mechanism. We've got a road map on this. On boundaries of conflict zone, in and out, mission sharing was done. Outside Russia, Turkey will secure inside. TSK, within boundaries of Idlib, Russian armed forces will serve outside borders, "he said.

Agenda TSK: President Erdogan announces


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