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The test of an invalid asthma patient has a dream

Tokat 39; Ta asthma patient High School student Zehra Betül head 39; in quo; Ygs 39; in the hall where a breathable tube was entered with a drug and was cancelled on the grounds of the exam, KDK 39; In the following interview with Osym was counted. The head was placed in the psychology department of a university.

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In case of a breathable tube, transition exam (YGS) was deemed invalid and after application to public supervision institution after his admission to university, Asthma patient Zehra Betül Head, institution thanked letter sent. The head of asthma-patient Science High school student, who entered Ygs in Tokat, had to cancel his examination on grounds that he entered hall with a tube drug, and after talks with measurement, selection and Placement Center (SSPC), he deserved to enter university Won. The current title of examination was placed in psychology department of a university after his preference. The head of university's dreams after talks under "friendly solution" of KDK, sent a letter to institution. In his letter, he said he owed a lot of education in Department of Psychology and expressed his debt to KDK and thanked public chief Inspector of Honor Malkoç and institution staff. "The place I dreamed of being" In his letter, he stated, "I am very grateful to public supervision institution. With me, many of your friends are in similar condition, thanks to m, exam is counted, and I am also grateful for those mates. I want to be where I dream of being. "


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