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Adoptive mothers can also spout

The long-used quo; breastfeeding support system and quo; with the change made on the mothers who adopt or breastfeed the babies were provided to breastfeed.

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Adoptive mothers can also spout
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Ankara Education and Research Hospital neonatal expert Hatice Tatar Aksoysaid that breast milk is beneficial to both mor and baby.

Voicing baby's "first vaccine" of breast milk, Aksoy suggested that mors breastfeedingir babies until age of 2.

While breastfeeding mor's baby is protected from many types of cancer, Aksoy said, "The breastmilk baby protects from many infections. The only thing you need to breastfeed is baby sucking on mommy's breast, "he said.

Aksoy stated that mors ' milk was set to be enough for ir babies, so y should not enter psychology of "Milk Not Enough".

breastfeeding support system gave every mor possibility of breastfeeding Aksoy, who has been used abroad for a long time, has developed a new "breastfeeding support system" that has been introduced in Turkey, so that mors who are adopted or who do not come to breastfeed ir babies, he said.

The mor said y gave milk-enhancing teas and special products for arrival of milk, "we provide milk with special methods for adopted infants, allowing breast to be provided by milking. After arrival of milk, we have a special system to absorb baby's mor's breast. The baby is feeding and sucking on Mor's breast, "he said. lactation provided with Nazogastric probe

Stating that y have set up a special mechanism on breastfeeding support system, Aksoy noted:

"We're wearing a nasogastric probe. We integrate it into tip of mor's nozzle, like a thin tube. The baby is sucking mor's milk and a little bit of Mama's breast, which is actually not yet here. With proper stimulation of mor's nozzle, baby brings milk by sucking on both breasts and mor who is not actually her biological mom. Until age of 2, se babies breastfed ir mors. Breastfeeding is not only something that resolves baby's hunger, thirst, but also mor and baby. "

Voicing system in several cases, Aksoy said, "It varies according to every mor and breast tissue, but we provide it for more than 2 weeks."


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