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Turkcell has sailed e-commerce

Turkcell will also operate in the retail e-commerce area, reaching 17.5 billion lira in size. In the first stage, the company, which has implemented the travel site ' Fulltrip ', will collect different services on the same platform in the coming period. General manager Kaan Terzioglu said that in addition to the technical infrastructure they offer, they will be a service-oriented experience provider in the digital world.

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Mobile applications, which are becoming part of our lives and become mselves, are expanding ir objectives as well as technology companies. The telecommunications industry is diversifying service areas, depending on number of technologies and subscribers. According to e-commerce report prepared by Tüsiad; Turkey is among major players in world with 46 million Internet users and 58 per cent internet penetration. Between years 2013-2016, an average of 34 percent of growing retail e-commerce volume has reached a magnitude of 17.5 billion pounds as of 2016.

Safer E-commerce

In addition to being a technical infrastructure provider for last few years, Turkcell aims to provide service-oriented products to its customers. In short, commercial mobile applications that you reach from dozens of places combine under one roof. The company has made an announcement of e-commerce platform implemented in this context in Alaçatı. The first stage of travel site introducing Fulltrip, Turkcell aims to make a difference in e-commerce.


First target travel sector

With more than 220 thousand hotels, 120 airlines, more than 1,000 tour options in 250 different places, individual users and companies will be capable of carrying out all travel planning through a single platform. Turkcell Platinum Alacati International Fisheries Tournament, speaking at a press conference, Turkcell general manager Kaan Terzioglu, tournament and company's next term objectives gave information. "The travel sector is most important e-commerce segment in Turkey as in all over world," Terzioglu said, creating a secure payment layer with service y offer and platform is open to everyone. As company has been sharing a significant transformation over last 2.5 years, Terzioglu said, "We have become a digital operator today with our globally used services". Terzioglu, e-commerce platform with fast entry technology thanks to phone number is easy to sign up and it will facilitate life of customers, he said.

  • Local newspapers in country, Dergilik
  • The Dergilik application, reminiscent of more than 400 magazines and more than 10 newspapers, said Kaan Terzioglu, in coming period to carry all local newspapers in Dergilik application.
  • Speaking of potential growth of e-commerce in Turkey, Terzioglu continued his speech as follows: "About a third of e-commerce is about travel sector. Anyone who knows mobile phone number will begin to enter this site and take advantage of services immediately. The mobile phone and SIM card in it are best method for double-level security. "

John Taylor

al Acati Fishing Excitement wrapped

Terzioglu also gave information about "Turkcell Platinum Alaçatı International Fishing Tournament" which ended yesterday. Terzioglu voicing foreign participants from various parts of world in Alaçatı, first in 2007, a portion of Greek islands, a total of 17 boats starting with tournament this year 80 boat participation is one of biggest tournaments in Europe . Terzioglu pointed out that hunting field was spread over a thousand 200 square kilometers this year.


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