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The world is talking about this record: 400 kilometers to the speed of 36 seconds to get out!

The fastest car in the world is no longer Bugatti Chiron. Chiron lost its ' 0-400-0 ' mileage record, which he recently acquired and unveiled to the world at the Frankfurt Fair in September.

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In 41.96 seconds of French Bugatti's hyper-car, Swedish producer Koenigsegg completed Agera RS model 36.44 seconds and made a difference of 5.5 seconds. The arrival of Agera RS from 0 to 400 km/h took place in 26.88 seconds, which was far below 32.6 seconds that Chiron needed. This record attempt was conducted by Koenigsegg Factory test pilot Niklas Lilja on an airstrip in Denmark.

On October 1, only change made on Agera RS was replacement of spoiler angle when using GPS and many electronic information recorders. The news of World Press gave a record to Bugatti ' 0-400-0mg ' (0-400-Aman Allah) titles.

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During pilot's attempt, it was actually reached at 403 km/h, which turns out to be much more successful than Chiron, even in 37.28 seconds. The company stated that reason for this record trial was that owner of Agera RS wanted to compare performance of his car to competition. The aforementioned vehicle will soon be delivered to owner of United States after record breaks. The record-breaking Koenigsegg has an optional 1,360 horsepower modified engine which is powered by Bugatti's 1,500 horsepower engine. Furrmore, firm's removable somersault cage has been applied to vehicle in order to be safer on runway. Bugatti Chiron's 0-400-0-mile record only lasted for 1 month.


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