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Ministry "Cyber Expedition Order" description

Ministry of Transport and Communications, “ Cyber expedition ” in the report titled, the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications ' 13 thousand cyber security specialists employ the cyber-expedition to be issued for cyber security purposes The news about his work is not true.

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"Cyber Expedition order" in a newspaper on October 08, 2017 in a written statement from Ministry of Transport Shipping and Communications said that Udh Ministry employs 13 thousand cyber security specialists and cyber security The work of expedition is stated that order will be issued. There is no such work as in news. Our work for national cyber security purposes by our ministry are: to determine which level our public institutions are in event of cyber security incidents and increase awareness of institutions in this regard A national cyber security exercise will be organised on November 29th, 2017, to encourage m to make necessary improvements. The necessary works are conducted by our Ministry for purpose of performing necessary cyber security checks (internal and external network infiltration test, application infiltration test, DDoS, social engineering, Code Analysis) in our public institutions. A more secure closed circuit of data traffic between public institutions and organizations has been prepared for public project to be carried out over a virtual network. So far, 42 public institutions have been incorporated into State Department. The draft Law on amendment to electronic communication Law and or laws on 5809 is expected to be prepared to be made to Prime Ministry and legislation is said.


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