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When will the KYK scholarship applications begin? How to apply for a KYK scholarship

When the KYK scholarship applications will begin, the most researched and questioned by millions of students are covering the agenda. While the KYK scholarship application maintains uncertainty; General Directorate of Foundations (VGM) scholarship applications...

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The students and parents seeking answers to KYK Scholarship application will continue to investigate details of issue. The KYK scholarship application, which is to be announced via credit and dormitories institution website, will be a material hope for many students. So, when's KYK scholarship application? Here, detailed information about subject

On or hand, KYK Scholarship application will retain its uncertainty; General Directorate of Foundations (VGM) continues to receive scholarship applications. Last year, Kyk credits and scholarship applications started on October 2nd and lasted until 12 October. On same dates this year last year, Kyk credit applications are expected to be received at beginning of next week.

About VGM Scholarship Applications

Scholarship applications given by General Directorate of Foundations began on 15 September 2017, ending on 30 October 2017. The institution, secondary, higher education and foreign nationals have already announced beginning of scholarship applications. The deadline for secondary school Scholarship is 18 October 2017. The scholarship fees to be given by institution are as follows: Secondary scholarship fees 60 Turkish lira, higher education scholarship fees 250 Turkish lira. And can student who receives a scholarship from KYK receive scholarships from General Directorate of Foundations? 5. General Directorate of Foundations of Higher education scholarship regulation According to Maddesine, students who receive KYK scholarship cannot benefit from scholarship of higher education. Therefore, "scholarship application results of our institution" is announced following announcement of KYK Scholarship application results.

How to apply for a KYK scholarship

Kyk dormitory applications are being carried out via e-government. Students ' learning information is now taken from Yök information system in order to avoid wrong markings during application. The learning information in field must be accurate and complete. Therefore, it is important for students to check school/department information for KYK to apply for a dormitory. Students who are wrong in ir learning information will be informed by university's student affairs to correct ir knowledge.

Application deadlines will be announced to public in following period and any information about application will be available from official Internet address of institution (




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