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"Nationalism is a reactionary ideology"

Societat Civil Catalana accuses government of fomenting hatred among citizens

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A common manifesto, read in four languages — Castilian, French, Catalan and English — has focused on this Sunday message of hundreds of thousands of citizens who have launched into streets of Barcelona to protest against independence process. A text that has out mainly against nationalism. "It is a reactionary ideology, which is a source of division and has written worst pages of humanity," said Carlos Jiménez Villarejo, a former anti-corruption prosecutor. "He is main responsible of placed Catalan society", added Àlex Ramos, vice-president of Societat Civil Catalana (SCC).

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"The nationalists have reached very edge of precipice and now y want to throw Catalan society into a vacuum." They do not mind violating our rights and liberties, instrumentalize institutions and, even, breaking our coexistence, " representative of SCC, who has accused government of" fomenting hatred and resentment among citizens ", has continued. "All right," has riveted Ramos

The event, which has ended with Cant de la Senyera, has also served Societat Civil Catalana to extract muscle after a week of secessionist mobilization. "We could never have imagined seeing this scene, with this number of people filling Barcelona." "This society is screaming very loudly," said Mariano Gomà, president of Organization. "Here is voice of majority of Catalans, to whom we will never be parted." "They will not be able to divide Spain, nor Europe."

"The end of marginalization"

The organisers have ensured that ir "hand is lying". "Yes, within framework of coexistence that we have given Catalans in Catalonia, Spain and EU, has clarified manifesto, to which Villarejo has added, in a lively voice, a" homage "to judges and prosecutors of Catalonia who" endure constant insults of Independenceists when y act defending legality and democratic reason. "That's enough."

"No political actor should obviate that non-nationalists are part of landscape and that we are also Catalan society." The marginalization is over. We have right to be heard and to be taken into account, he insisted. "Let no one speak of Catalonia again as if it were only nationalists!" he shouted in applause, before asking Carles Puigdemont, Carme Forcadell and independentist formations "not to forget intentionally" of m. "Catalonia is all of us."

The manifesto, which has described a "confronted" society, has invited to "urgently assume" task of bridging two sectors. "For us not to remain", has been underlined in text, where it has been denounced that secessionists pretend to "impose a manipulated narrative of oppression and hopelessness". "They will not get us where we do not want to go: to isolationism, to marginality and to poverty," he concluded.


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