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' The Turkish stamp on Anuga

In Cologne, 7 thousand 405 companies from 107 countries participated in the fair with 298 firms. Turkish businessmen from many countries such as Germany, Poland, Canada and Bulgaria, while the great participant is Turkey, has marked the "Anuga"

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7 thousand 405 firms from 107 countries are participating in fair held in Cologne between 7-11 October. Known as world's largest food fair, Anuga is one of world's leading food companies.

  • Turkey, 298 Company with organization 5. While being a major participant, Turkish businessmen who stand on behalf of ir own firms under umbrella of many countries such as Poland, Canada, Germany, Holland, Bulgaria and Belgium, were added to Turkish products on almost every floor of Anuga.

Bacon, sausage, doner, hazelnut, tea, Bursa chestnut, dairy products, Corum Leblebisi, Cezerye, Turkish coffee, bakery products, olive and olive oil, fruit juices, natural beverages, such as Turkish exhibitors who have marked fair, both visitors And he made important connections.

They even advertise on stairs.

In organization where some Turkish businessmen advertise ir products by advertising even to stairs of fairgrounds, Marbirlik, Aroma, Kıraş mineral waters, Uludag Beverages, Kardelen chestnut, has chicken, Turkey's name has been announced by many companies such as Baktat As a visitor to fair, businessmen also made export and import links. Many businessmen, such as 81-year-old east of Bursa's Gullaç manufacturer, have met with participants at fair to open new markets and see new trends in food.


Maybe two. Great participant in Turkey

Turkey's Consulate General of Dusseldorf trade attaché Mustafa Hilmi More, said that Turkey is effective at this fair.

Love, noted that:

"5. The great participant was in Turkey. Italy, Germany, China and Spain took part in our forthcoming. With visitors, re was intense participation from Turkey. In terms of food industry, we should really be here and re. It is very important to follow new trends and showcase our own products. The world's largest food fair. It is important that Turkish firms show mselves here in order to reach whole world, not just in Germany. "

The board member of Btso, Aytug Onur, emphasized that German market is important for Bursa, "Bursa has an export of about 1.8 billion dollars, and imports 1.3 billion dollars. Net plus a market. 10 percent of this exports consist of agriculture and food products, "he said.


The fair stated that it went well on behalf of both BURSA and Turkish firms, honor said:

"As in all sectors, re are new innovations in field of food, and world is going towards individualized. There's an intense interest in ready-made food. Besides this, we have a way of being productive and competitive. Thanks to this fair, we have opportunity to see what our competitors are doing in person. Accordingly, we are finding opportunity to develop our products. We're 5. We seem to be a great participant, but number of Turkish firms is quite large. We have a number of Turkish companies from Bulgaria, Germany, Canada and Nerlands. When we look at se, maybe we're second third-largest participant. "

Message to Turkish food of fair

BSO's Anuga delegation chairman Burhan Sayan stressed that Turkey's participation in fair is increasing.

Each year, quality of Turkish firms with increase in exports, said Sayan, "World 7. We want our food sector in line to take more space here. That's what we desire. This has to be done. We need to do this toger. In general, fair is positive for our name, "he said.

  • "Prepared food now finds more space," Sayan said, expressing an important message to Turkish food sector of fair. Individualisation began in consumption. So, making a collective meal, we see that two people come toger and cooking culture is slowly disappearing. It looks like it won't last too long in future. Frozen foods, ready and individual meals are coming to fore. After you put it in oven, you will consume 5-10 minutes later, "he said.

Asuman Kucükoğlu, export manager of a chocolate company participating in Gaziantep, stated that companies established in 2000 were foreign exchange oriented and were not involved in domestic market.


The whole Middle East and Africa, Far East, Vietnam, Singapore, China, Qatar, Pakistan, Nigeria and Qatar, including exports of chocolate to 30 countries, emphasizing Kucükoğlu, "we are making negotiations for new markets. It's moving so much, or Turkish firms like us are interested. We are building new connections, "he said.


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