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3 new features on the IPhone camera that will make your face smile

New features have been added to the IPhone camera with IOS 11. The IPhone, which passes the Heif format instead of JPEG, promises high quality and lower size in photos. The camera is also becoming more useful thanks to the newly added 2 different settings.

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As is known, Apple has recently released IOS 11, new version of mobile operating system. IOS 11 was able to draw attention in many aspects, but without a doubt, most prominent feature was changes made in camera and storage area.

The Heif format takes up less space

Apple has announced that it has gone into Heif, which takes up less space in photos and offers better quality images than JPEG. This setting, which is called ' high efficiency ' on iphones, allows photos taken with iphone to take up less space on phone than old.


This format can only be used on IPhone 7, 7 Plus and later models. That is, Apple's Heif photo format is not supported on IPhone 6s and earlier models.

Transfer Heif photo to PC as JPEG

The Heif format makes sense to use on IPhone and IPad with IOS 11, but it's possible to support it when transferring images to PC. Apple has found a very smart solution for this. All you need to do is follow steps below:

  • Set up photos to Mac or PC, select Automatic

However, photo in Heif format is converted to JPEG format when computer is being transferred.

Clear settings from memory

The IPhone also has an option to reset or maintain camera settings. For example, when you shot a photo, you used live Photo feature or a filter. When you turn off camera, storing or resetting those settings is still in your hands.

  • Settings, camera, keep settings

When you follow se steps, camera mode, Fitre and Live Photo options are visible. When se options are turned on, camera settings are protected, and when turned off, it resets whenever camera app is entered.


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